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The Growing Epidemic Of Domestic Violence in America

Updated on February 21, 2014

Domestic Violence

 Karla Giraldo's face required 40 sticthes to her face after an incident of domestic violence involving her boyfriend, a New York Senator. She told the doctors that he had did it on purpose during testimony, according to the doctor. But when she testified in court, she recanted, saying it was an accident.

This is not uncommon. Most victims of domestic violence recant. The result nationwide is the prosecution of the offender without the victims help. The victims who are mostly women are not required by law to press charges for the cases to move forward and the offender to be prosecuted. Thanks to this change in the law, the police can make decisions to prosecute based on circumstance, but they face some hurdles when the victims won't testify.

Family Justice Centers are popping up everywhere. In these places the victim can find social support, economic and legal support. These organizations prosecute about 6000 cases per year. Because women usually will not participate in the prosecution the District Attorney depends on evidence based proscuetions, such as injury photos taken by police at the scene, 911 calls, and domestic violence reports. 

Senator Hiram Monserrate, accused of slashing Giraldos face was acquitted of the more serious charges and convicted on a lesser charge of dragging Giraldo out of the foyer of his apartment which was caught on video.

Scott Kessler , the director of a Queens center for justice has his office decorated with pictures of battered and bruised women. He prosecuted the case of Giraldo. Its nothing new that the women recant. It takes the pressure off the womanbecause we can now prosecute without them, but its always better if the victim can participate.

The reasons women recant or stay in an abusive relationship are many. What they believe to be love, economic circumstances, fear, or many other factors . Whatever they maybe , they lead to the same end "danger".

From experience I can tell you, if he hits you once it won't change. He WILL do it again. Have you saw the billboard with the casket covered with roses" it States " He Only brought her flowers once, he hit her over a hundred times". Its true. if you or anyone you know or love is in this situation, "GET OUT" .

It can only end in years of abuse or death. There is help. Call your Domestic Violence hotline.     

Rolling Stones member arrestrd for domestic violence

 Rolling Stones member, Ronnie Woods, was released on bail Thursday after being arrested for domestic violence, in Esther, in Southern England.

The arrest comes after the highly publicized divorce of "Woods" and wife, Jo Woods. His marriage of 24 years collapsed last month when he started dating Ekaterina Ivanova, a 20 year old Russian cocktail waitress.

This incident goes to show that domestic violence has no barriers. It equally affects the rich, the poor, black, white, hispanic, and all other races. It has risen stedily during the past months of economic crisis.

Domestic violence is largely a male on female offense, but there are also many men who suffer abuse. The abuse can go on for years and often end tragically. Most women killed are killed at the hands of their husbands, boyfriends or someone they know. Many of the women incarcerated in the United States are there for killing a mate who has abused them for years.

A woman in the United States who kills her mate will usually do twice the time of a man who kills his wife. Many times the abuse goes unreported due to fear or for economic reasons. Many times the abuse continues until the abused partner develops a rage that encompasses their ability to control their actions and kills the abuser, seeing this as the only way out. The female victim often shows great remorse and many times still professes their love for the abuser, even after killing him.

Most women who are killed by domestic violence, are killed after they leave. This is when the abuser knows he has lost control of his victim. Safe houses and restraining orders are not infallable. A 27 year old mother and her child was gunned down when she left the safe house to take her child to school. Her husband had followed her from court. The woman and the child died.

Domestic violence has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, despite the increase in laws to protect the victim.

If you are a victim of abuse or an abuser, call your local domestic violence hotline for help.


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    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 7 years ago from Texas

      The bad thing about these laws is that when a woman starts a fight with a man who is stronger than her, she ends up looking battered, and he ends up looking guilty. I also had a friend who passed out in the shower and got really bruised on her face. Every time someone came to visit her in the hospital, they were subjected to agressive questioning. I would have to agree most of the time, however, these laws are necessary to protect victims who won't testify.

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