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How did Communism Begin?

Updated on January 10, 2011

Communism is an elitist system of government. Throughout history there have been many different kinds of communist leadership.  Every leader has taken this system of government to different extents. To further expand our understanding of what communism truly is and how it originated we have to break it down into simpler questions.

What is Communism?
Communism is a type of government where only one political party had power over the nation. This party gains its supreme executive power from military and police force. Many forms of communism throughout history had many of the same core connecting concepts. A communist government makes decisions for its public and treats all citizens equally.

What was the first Communism Power?
The first communist nation was Soviet Russia. In the 19th century there was a power formed known as “Marxism-Leninism”.  This organization was lead by Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. This radical theory birthed communism through industrialization and collectivization. We can see this in the Soviet Russian flag. There is a sickle and hammer together on the flag. This symbol represents the unity of the peasants (Sickle) and worker (Hammer) class who formed Soviet Russia. Another form of symbolism of many communist countries is the color of their flag. Many communist countries have the background color of scarlet. This color is supposed to represent the blood spilt by workers for their emancipation around the world. This color is also has been shown with China in its flag. This color engrained in the communist society has also been advertised in “Red Scarf Girl” by: Ji-li Jiang. This book is about the Cultural Revolution in China 1966-1976. On the Soviet Russian flag and China’s flag is a yellow star. This star represents the energy of the sun and the meaning of life. The Star inside of Scarlet We can notice a pattern that a main factor of communism of nations is its drive for efficiency in the working class to obtain superiority.

How did Marxism-Leninism come to exist?
After the end of World War I, Soviet Russia had an embarrassing defeat in 1904-1905. If the war was quick and victorious communism may have never spawned in place of monarchy. Instead it put Russia into a state where it had a very weak economy. Russia has an ill-equipped army and an industry that was not profitable. Russia still had media power which made it influential in the powers of Europe.  During this time Marxism-Leninism affected the Russian State as Bolsheviks took over. Lenin gave the authority for his regime to have secret police, and perform executions. This ruthless tactic allowed Marxism-Lenin’s party to survive. Trotsky then formed the Red Army which one Russia’s Civil War. This force was then used in the Communist Party to control the Soviet Union.

Marxism-Leninism has created the key virtues and aspects of communism within the Soviet Union. Stalin then took over the Soviet Union with a different means of success. Stalin and his regime blamed Lenin for all of the Soviet Union’s problems. This outbreak caused the birth of “The Cult of Lenin” after Lenin’s funeral. Stalin carried out his following policies as Marxism-Leninism. Stalin as Lenin’s successor enacted many foreign and domestic policies to keep the communist values of Marxism-Leninism. Through these policies there was industrialization and collectivization which lead to economic success. Before World War II and Stalin’s involvement to counter the powers of fascism in the 1930’s with the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939 the media showed the success of Russia’s Communist party. After other nations and powers like China, heard of this success through the deep labor force of communism the idea spread releasing Communism to the world. 


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    • Comrade Joe profile image

      Comrade Joe 4 years ago from Glasgow, United Kingdom

      You lost me on the first sentence "Communism is an elitist system of government."

      Communism is not a system of government, it is a classless association void of government. Communism has never existed. Socialism is the transitory stage of economic development between capitalism and communism. Communist parties have sought to build socialism and use the political system of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat - this is the government under socialism. There is no government in communism.