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How do you feel about Obamacare?

Updated on October 29, 2013

So how do you feel about Obamacare? Personally, I am a bit scared and confused. As of now the government is not handing out too much information I guess in an effort to avoid panic from the overly eager crowds. Let me see, so Obamacare will require me to pay some sort of fee every year for healthcare whether I can afford it or not, but in return I will be covered as far as insurance. I guess this may be a good plan as long as I can still choose my own doctor. I mean I guess Obama requires that everyone have some sort of insurance and I think this is imposing on our freedom to choose. On the other hand it does take the burden away from the hospitals who often are forced to provide charity care to the uninsured. So I guess this is an inconvenience, but hopefully with Obama creating jobs and everything, no one will be in a situation where they cannot to pay at least for Obamacare, which I am assuming is going to be like the cheapest insurance around. Although, I doubt the rates will be as low as fifty dollars per month, hopefully it will not be as expensive as buying private insurance.

Well, I am hoping for the best. Obama seems like a nice guy so I hope he does not screw us over too much. I wonder what happens if you are a homeless person and cannot even afford to buy food? Would you still be legally required to purchase insurance coverage? Would all homeless people be thrown in prison for being too poor and shabby? Will our prisons be overcrowded and underfunded? Is disease going to spread?

Well, let us hope it does not come to this extreme. I know a lot of people are talking about positions being eliminated because the government is requiring the employers to provide health coverage. I mean in a sense this is better because at least if you get a job you know you will have insurance. Again, Obama is supposed to be big on creating jobs, so this does not make too much sense. I would definitely say that while Obama was president, the job market did improve. So maybe his ideas are working as socialist as they may be.

I think the government should make poor people pay less taxes. There is no reason why we need to give away like fifty percent of our income when we can barely keep a roof over our heads. The rich people need to contribute more and stop being so greedy and obnoxious.

Regarding the national debt that supposedly Obamacare is causing, well I would not worry about that too much. I say take away all the yachts and private jets from the rich people in politics and there you go you will suddenly have money for Obamacare. The rich people need to stop flaunting their wealth and showing off and start considering that some people have trouble just getting by.


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