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How do you fix a broken health care system?

Updated on March 28, 2010

Something has to give

Health care in this country is broken and we need to fix it.  Does anyone disagree with that?  If the new health care reform legislation won't do it, what will?  Republicans are bitterly against this bill but there's been no substantive talk from them about what would be better, only a few half-hearted ideas.  Do all Republicans have cheap, employer-based health insurance, no medical problems and all Democrats have individual insurance or no plan at all and have severe health problems?  Maybe I'm being too naive, but I think if we actually discuss it we'd agree on a lot, but the Republicans won't even talk.  I think their obstructionism will bite them on the butt come November.


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    • woodwoman profile image

      woodwoman 7 years ago

      There are things about it that concern me, too. The way Medicare part doesn't really close the "doughnut hole." It only makes it smaller. The abuses of the pharmaceutical companies aren't addressed at all.

      Many of the republican ideas were incorporated in the bill and republicans had a chance at the health care summit to contribute their input. All they could say is that bill was horrible and Obama needed to start all over again. The republicans could've contributed cogent ideas all along instead of death panels and pulling the plug on granny.

      The Democrats forced the legislation through, I'll grant. But they did it the same way the Republicans forced the 2003 Bush tax cut through, which added to the deficit. Democrats are always characterized as "tax-and-spend" party. But under Bush, the Republicans became the "don't-tax-but-spend-anyway" party. I think the latter is the smarter choice.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      WW, the Repubs did have a plan - it was posted online for months! I agree with some parts of the new law, but other parts concern me.

    • profile image

      Izbushka 7 years ago

      Right on, Woodwoman. Your practical analysis is just what's needed.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      well thought hub thanks

    • woodwoman profile image

      woodwoman 7 years ago

      Because of the arcane rules of the senate, they can slow down or stop things completely. Look at the recess appointments Obama made. The senate wouldn't even open discussion on them. Obama has a total of 77 appointments he's made and the minority in the senate won't allow discussion on. More than one Republican has said the there won't be any Republican cooperation for the rest of the year.

      Bill Maher added this new rule: You can't threaten not to cooperate for the rest of the year if you haven't cooperated for the first part of the year.

      My health insurance premium is $50 less than my mortgage, 1/4 of my income. The American Cancer Society has done a study which says that your outcome if you don't have insurance to pay for cancer treatments will be much worse than if you do. Of course, if you lose your job because you have cancer and can't work, then there goes your chances. How are people like that not responsible?

    • Padrino profile image

      Padrino 7 years ago from Around

      What obstructionism? They can't stop a bill, any bill from becoming law! You see, there are more Democrats than Republicans in Congress, that means Democrats can do anything they want. The health care system in this Country isn't broken, its that too many people are not responsible enough to buy health insurance.