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How Does Darrell Issa Benefit From the Privatization of the United States Post Office (Special Updates 2014)

Updated on June 14, 2020
How does Darrell Benefit?
How does Darrell Benefit? | Source

How does Darrell Issa Benefit from the privatization of the United States Post Office

The Promise of the United States Postal Service for more than 231 years has always been that no matter who the people are or where they live, every person in the United States has the right to send and receive secure mail, that is affordable.

Q. What does the USPS mean to you? -

Darrell Issa with his Tea Party/GOP/Conservative cohorts seek to destroy the United States Postal Service.

War was declared in 2006 with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. H.R.6407 (109th) bill was written by Rep. Thomas "Tom" Davis III (R) VA, on December 7, 2006, the bill was signed into law by then President George W. Bush.

Why are you Surprised?

Then on September 27, 2011, Darrell Issa turned against the very union that supported his re-election campaign.

According to the Open Secrets Blog, Darrell Issa would be No. 10 beneficiary to Postal Union money, once the Postal Service is defunct.

Q. How is that for a poke in the eye with a sharp stick?

What is H.R. 6407?

H.R. stands for House of Representatives bill

Special up-date 2014

Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) Committee Chairman of the House Oversight and
Government Reform, introduced a bill that would replace the controversial new
cut in 'Pensions' benefits for working-age military retirees by allowing the U.S. Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery.

What does this mean? that the "CONGRESS" will not cut benefits for our Military, because they (THE CONGRESS) is allowing the U.S. Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery?

An article in The Washington Post stated that the USPS would have posted a profit in 2013, if not for the 'CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE' requiring the pre-funding retirement benefits for future retirees, and because of this MANDATE the USPS reported a loss of $5 billion last year.

How much longer do we have to wait before we can vote the Obstructionist out of office?

I agree with what the steven8817 who said: The U.S had a budget surplus when George W. Bush took office in 2001. Over the next 8 years this turned into a Trillion dollar yearly deficit. Unpaid for tax cuts, a war in Iraq, expansion of Medicare and an economic collapse produced this mess. Republicans continue to play games with America's future by cutting vital services and refusing to increase revenue to pay down our deficit. Their refusal to seriously negotiate with President Obama is damaging our future.

Why does the GOP/Mr.Issa want to do this?

The United States Postal Service, from 1982 has been and continues to be a successful and Independently run entity of the United States Government.

The United States Postal Service does not cost taxpayers anything.

500.000 plus, people are employed by the United States Postal Service and is the largest employer of veterans of any other employer in the world.

The United States Postal Service is explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution.

Q. Why do Conservatives want to eviscerate a successfully run business?

Legislation approved Wednesday July 24, 2013

The Republicans and Committee Chair, Darrell Issa of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee and sponsor of the bill, 'CLAIM' this is an effort to stabilize the sinking Postal Service finances.

But the approved legislation on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 is anything but stablizing and will only change the relationship between the United States Postal Service and its employees and customers.

USPS workers, who are also customers, and whether Darrell Issa and the Republicans know it or not, workers/customers are also voters, and they do not like what is being done to their jobs, the Postal Service and its Union.

Why is the Post Office failing?

Because the Republican Congress and Darrell Issa want to Privatize/Close/eviscerate the USPS, and APWU (American Postal Workers Union,) have placed unrealistic demands on them!

The GOP/Tea Party Republican Congress, with the aid of Darrell Isssa and the power of his position have deliberately placed unrealistic requirements on the United States Post Office, so they can privatize the mail delivery.

I can't understand WHY? Could it have something to do with the fact that conservatives,'HATE' unions. The American Postal Workers Unions (APWU) has over 300,000 members, and is one of the largest Unions in the United States, and employs more veterans than any other employer, benefits the poor and middle class in this country.

Is this the GOPs way to Privatize the United States Postal Service and turn it over to a 'private entity' that would benefit the Greed Old Party both financially and Politically?

Do they want to turn mail delivery over to companies such as Fed-Ex and UPS, if so what is their kick back?

I heard a joke once that Fed-Ex and UPS plan to merge and they would call the new Company Fed-Up.

What other government or private corporation is required to do this?

The GOP’s Relentless Quest to Destroy the US Postal Service Is Almost Done.

War on the Post Office was declared in 2006 by the GOP, and they continue to look for ways to destroy it to this day.

Prior to 2006, the US Postal Service workers had a retiree health care benefit in addition to their pension. Before Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (or PAEA), the USPS operated under a pay-as-you-go model for retiree health care funding.

In 2006, the Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, and was signed by then President Bush.

The bill stated that the Post Office had to pre-fund its future health care benefit payments to retirees for the next 75 years in just a ten-year time span. In other words, they have to pay for health benefits for employees that. A. have not even been hired yet, B. theoretically, have not been born yet. No other government or private corporation is required to do this.

Q. Who would work for 75 years?

Q. Where would the money go and who would benefit if the Postal Service is out of business?

Darrell Issa and the GOP are looking for more ways to kill the Post Offices.

Congressman Darrell Issa leader of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is leading the way to destroy the United States Postal Service.

Definition of Oversight: Mistake, failure to notice, slip, omission

Q. Do the republican voters, (ordinary voters) plan to watch as the GOP has their Tea Party destroy the Post Office and the Postal Union?

Q. We all know that the GOP Hates the unions, and wants to destroy them all. Don't you care that they have 'LIED TO YOU,' or did they do exactly what you expected and wanted them to do?

The United States Post Office looks for ways to save itself

The Post Office looks for ways to save itself, from the Republicans, who are determined to destroy it, led by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, who continues to look for ways to destroy it.

Representative Issa, leader of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, now wants to end all at-home delivery by the year 2022.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) works exclusively for the United States Congress, with Congressman Darrell as it leader.

War on Postal workers

My son Brett working for the Post Office

Brett working for the Post Office
Brett working for the Post Office | Source


Republicans think, if they can't own it, It should be Privatized!

Save the USPS!

I these people can't benefit financially from this they will destroy it if they can.
I these people can't benefit financially from this they will destroy it if they can. | Source

Example: The Coronavirus has shut down our schools

Public schools are another entity the GOP's hell-bent on shutting down.

An example of public schools shut-down is the Coronavirus shut down.

© 2013 Shyron E Shenko


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