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How not to be afraid when skateboarding - The fear of falling

Updated on September 19, 2010

The fear of falling

 One of the worst things a skateboarder comes across is fear itself. Fear in some peoples eyes is an impossible thing to overcome, it causes skateboarders to stop skating, give in and move on to something which at times doesn't interest them as much as skateboarding did.

However, fear is not an impossible thing to get over. For example, for around 1 year i suffured from the fear of falling. I was afraid that if i didn't land the specific trick i was trying i would fall and seriously injure myself. This did happen many times, however i wasn't falling of the things i was scared of doing, i was falling of the simple things, and it seemed that i wasn't getting any better at the sport.


Dustin Dollin, a perfect example of someone with no fear

Getting over the fear

Fear is a huge factor in a skateboarders eyes. What i tell you now isn't going to make you want to do everything when skating, its not some sort of magic advice which will suddenly make you an amazing fearless skateboarder, its simply my own knowledge and thoughts piled with other peoples.

There are three ways in which you can conquer your fear. The first way isn't so much conquering it, but it will allow you to land the trick you are trying. Lets take a 4 stair for example, and say your trying to kickflip it but your two scared to land both feet on the board. First of you've got to think, what's the worst that can happen. Now, im going to be completely honest, the worst that can happen is, you can fall back crack your head of the stairs and end up with concusion and brain damage for the rest of your life. Its that simple, its true, that could very well happen, but it is unlikely. Basically its very rare something like that happens, and it only does happen, if you hesitate. Hesitating is the worst thing you can do, you have just got to do it, and if your having second thoughts, don't do it for awhile and go home, watch some skating videos and go back.

The second method is simple, keep trying. I really good thing i found out about skateboarding is the way you can do whatever you want. Still on the subject of that four stair for example. When riding up to it, stop and look at it, then the second time just go at the set and kick you board out. The third time try to land your front foot on the board, the fourth time land your back foot on it, finally try and land both feet on it. This obviously doesn't work when trying huge gaps.

For those of you who are reading this hub and thinking "this guy is senseless, he doesn't have a clue what he is talking about" then read this next part.

Im not going to lie here. In 1 year of skating ive went from barely being able to ollie to hardflipping and 360 flipping 6 stairs. My biggest fear is handrails. I still have that fear, but i do try them. I found out that falling helps, falling and injuring yourself annoys me and makes me want to go back to the spot and conquer it when im back on form. This is the third method. Never give up. Picture skateboarding as when you where first starting to walk as a baby, its just like it, when you where a baby you where most likely scared of walking across the room incase you fell, this is the same thing, and the way to bipass the fear is to PRACTICE.


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The mood/zone

Lastly, i want to discuss the zone. The zone is what i call the mood you get in when you suddenly think you can do anything. Even for the most scared people the "zone" will change how you skate, what you are and arnt afraid to do and even your overall personality at that time. For me this mood doesn't normally last long, but i find when im in it and i do certain tricks ive never landed before, i then think, "well if i can do them now, i can do them when im not in this mood".

Anyway, thanks for reading this, i appreciate your time, and im here to help all you skaters out there who have this fear. Alls i ask now is that if this hub has helped you , fill in the quick poll above (it takes 2 seconds max) also, sign up to this site! its awesome. Finally, follow me on here if ive helped you, and leave your feedback below if you simply think im useless haha.

Thanks again and remember.....skateboarding features a simple design, a plank of wood, a metal turning system with wheels all fixed together with bolts. Despite this, its amazing how many people have been made happy because of it. Remember that, and KEEP SKATING!


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    • profile image

      Carl 2 years ago

      Please do more articles on skateboarding. I have the fear of going to fast on a board.

    • profile image

      Yes 4 years ago

      The zone is amazing, got me to learn to drop in.

    • profile image

      Dmitrii 4 years ago

      Thank U man, i am really grateful!

      I skate about 4 years but sometimes very afraid to learn new tricks..

      Practice practice practice!!!

    • profile image

      DRH 5 years ago

      thanks bro! helped a lot and honestly motivated me!

    • profile image

      George 5 years ago

      Haha love the chis Cole quote from skate at the end of the article! And this helped a ton!

    • josh xD profile image

      josh xD 5 years ago from Hartlepool, United Kingdom

      Slow down loco

    • Mr Pud profile image

      Mr Pud 5 years ago

      You scratched my ride loco.

    • profile image

      Raincity206 5 years ago

      This article couldn't be anymore true the zone is such a true thing when I get in it I always learn new tricks do things I've always dreamed of being able to do I think the best advice to landing a trick is just think about the trick and imagine doing it on flat ground it'll make doing that trick a 100 times easier the more you think of what your doing it off of the less likely you'll be able to do it the main part is just think of the trick on flat ground and don't think about anything else becides pop drop and lock it

    • profile image

      skategrl 6 years ago

      thanx a ton, my skateboarding has improved a little, and im less scared. great topic

    • profile image

      skatermaniac1000 6 years ago

      dude good tips you realy helped me out.

    • profile image

      jeroentjeh 6 years ago

      good topic. thanks dude. I'll let you know if it has helped me soon.

      peace, J.