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How one year of Modi Govt has changed life of ordinary Indians.

Updated on May 28, 2015

How one year of Modi Govt has changed life of ordinary Indians

It’s been exactly one year since Mr Naredra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India as on 26th May 2014. This year has brought significant overtures in Indian political arena. It has seen a political will probably the first time ever since India got independence that a govt taking fast decisions toward not only filling its poll promises but in order to improve the life of an average Indian. Not only decisions but implementations on ground were at such speed that nobody would have ever imagined that a govt in India can deliver with such an exemplary pace. Some are even saying that if things have turned even at a half rate of current pace, India would have reached much ahead than where it is today.

If we start from school and colleges, probably the first time students across the country feel that govt is caring and serious about the difficulties of the students. It’s been a practice for years that we all while as students were used to get our documents attested from some class one officer while applying for some govt jobs. The current govt replaced this practice by self-attestation procedure. Now need to show your originals when get selected but at the time of applying self-attested docs are sufficient to apply. Students are delighted all over the country by this move and appreciating govt for easing the procedure and showing confidence on them.

The most significant changes in life of people come from the Prime Minister’s initiative of ‘My clean India campaign’. Now in every household it is being discussed that all members have to play a role towards cleanliness. Parents and teachers educating children about the importance of cleanliness and motivating them to keep surroundings clean. Lots of volunteers and households are keeping clean public places and places around them. Instantaneous changes are visible in govt offices, hospitals and schools across the country. The cleanliness drive has brought a lot of changes now many people not only have changed their habits of throwing garbage in street anywhere but they are preventing others too from doing so.

To ensure toilets in every household govt is financially assisting people from deprived section of society to build toilets for them. Apart from the government, some corporates and voluntary organizations are also coming out in support for helping people financially to build toilets in schools, public places, urban and remote areas wherever there is a need. Accessibility of toilets will ensure the minimum transmitting of fatal diseases that may occur due to the open human excreta.

A big portion of the population of India was excluded from banking system before one year and deprived of having the bank accounts. The govt started bank account opening procedure for the underprivileged even with zero deposit. And now this scheme enters in to the Guinness world records for opening max no of bank accounts in such short span of time. An overdraft facility of Rs 5000 has been allotted with this account. Three social security schemes, accidental insurance @ mere INR 12 per year, life insurance @ INR 330 per year and the Atal pension yojna have been launched in order to provide the social security to millions of underprivileged people. The financial inclusion & social security schemes have created an atmosphere of hope and positivism.

To save the girl child and good education for girls, two new schemes‘Bet Bacaho Beti Padhao’ and Sukanya smaridhi scheme’ have been launched that will help parents in making the future of their daughters safe and secure. These schemes are becoming popular among masses due to their financial aspects. This effort of the govt is prompting people to change their perspective towards girl child and now a talk has already begun in society toward ensuring equal opportunities for girl child as well. This will surely help in improving the gender ratio which has alarmed a widening gap in no of girls per thousand boys.

There are around some 60 million micro small and medium enterprises which are mostly unorganized. To tackle the financial problems of this sector MUDRA (Micro Unit Development and Refinance Authority) Bank have been launched. This sector provides jobs for around 120 million people in the country. Taking loan from banks to operate and expand their operations have always been a tough tasks for these small units. When these small businesses will improve & expand their businesses obviously the living standards of the people employed in this sector will also be improved. Now an atmosphere of hope is being prevailed among the entrepreneurs towards improving their processes so as to lift their quality standards to compete not only in domestic but to explore the international markets as well.

For the middle class an exemption limit for the income tax has been increased. Moreover money invested in ‘Sukanya Samridhi Scheme’ is being considered an exemption from income tax. To help the industry many old processes have been updated to bring more transparency in compliances and it will save the industry people from getting harassed. Inspection systems have been made transparent and online; process of getting license and other approvals have been made easier. Towards ease of doing business ‘Make in India’ campaign is creating confidence among the investors, that will lead in increase of manufacturing units ultimately resulting in more job creations for the youth.

The cynicism prevailing one year ago has been replaced by the optimism and enthusiasm. Youth of the country is hopeful toward its better and promising future. Every section of society is aspiring to fulfill its dreams. Economy is doing well as per the UN report India’s growth rate of GDP in 2016 will surpass China. Looking at the pace with which the new leadership creating opportunities and imparting hopes in people the 21st Century looks poised to witness the substantial development of India.


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