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How out of touch is Donald Trump?

Updated on November 7, 2021

President Trump meeting parents of Parkland shooting victims at the White House.

President Donald Trump: a controversy.

Americans don't seem to hold President Trump with high consideration. Most view him as dishonest, prejudiced and selfish.As we reel the loss of 17 innocents shot in Florida, president Trump makes headlines once more with his embarrassing attitude. He acts selfishly by blaming the FBI as responsible for the tragedy. This is time for mourning not to boast ourselves and discredit others. Donald Trump’s temperament, intellect and emotional health make him wholly unqualified to serve as President of the United States of America.

From the moment he entered the White House, Donald Trump's presidency has been more than contentious. It has been the center of various scandals, among which the Russian probe about the 2016 presidential elections. Russian-gate has been running for quite some time, and its' investigation seems to have taken a new path. Special counsel Robert Mueller made his case this February. To no surprise the report did point out Russian meddling in the electoral process, nonetheless there is still no proof that this sort of activity influenced the outcome of the election.

The investigation also reveals weakness and failure of our intelligence agencies in preventing foreign intrusion in our most important democratic process, mostly the FBI. These allegations yet seem not to worry officials of the administration. In fact the president himself seeks to use the report for other means and purposes.
Donald Trump has attacked the FBI for failing to prevent the Florida high school shooting.While America is still mourning his young ones, instead of taking immediate action on gun control (like he did on immigration or other topics managed with executive orders) following the Parkland shooting and to put himself as comforter in chief, president Trump emphasizes on the FBI's inabilities to counter similar threats. He insisted on the agency's ineffectiveness and tries to use the Mueller report as a backup document to prove the agency's malfunction.

The President backlashes the FBI and gets involved in law enforcement affairs.

President Trump shamelessly backlashes at the FBI, according to him investigating the Russian collusion case prevented the FBI from spotting important security concerns, and tweets:"They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics" asking the agency to return to the basics and to make the American people proud. Is this the proper time for making such remarks? Statements like those from the president make us question what really matters to the president. Us, as a people, a nation or satisfying his ego? The latter seems to take over. After all did he not toss paper rolls to the victims of hurricane Maria in Puerto-Rico? According to VOX 12.5% of the island is still without power nearly 8 months after the hurricane! Clearly we do not matter that much neither are our concerns.

The president should not get so involved in law enforcement business. Such action is unacceptable. It is very evil to link the death of these children with the Russian investigation and it is insane for a president to take on a feud with the FBI. The president is too selfish. His twitter rampage on the FBI is as bad as his handling of other important issues are simply irrelevant. He needs to know that as president of the United States what he says matters.

President Trump speaking at 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference 2018(CPAC2018


What is really important at the moment?

Trump needs to bring this nation together not divide it. In the midst of a national turmoil, president Trump didn't even have the decency to mourn the dead, in fact while victims were being buried the president enjoyed playing golf and blaming others at his Mar-a-Lago mansion about 40 miles from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school,he did not even mention them in his tweets or show sympathy for them and now, he states that he would have ran in to stop the high school shooter even if He did not have a weapon. This is coming from someone who required a golf cart when other world leaders chose to walk a short distance at last year's summit in Sicily, who sought multiple deferments to avoid fighting the Vietnam war or to serve his country and later had the gut to mock a former war hero; Senator John McCain, for doing just that, and getting captured and tortured.

The nation and the whole world have learned that the president is not in any way shy about distorting reality, he just doesn't seem to consider the consequences and negative impacts of what he says or tweets.President Trump managed to pivot the killing of 17 innocent people to himself. He believes everything evolves around him, maybe he isn't fit for office after all. He wants to act as a dictator so badly, good thing no one takes him seriously. It's time he starts to tweet less and act more as a president. Undermining a premier law enforcement agency? Not a smart move for the leader of the free world,especially at a time when they are most needed.

In moments like this,where moral leadership and a sense of empathy is crucial for the country the president should stop making excuses and start listening to the moral voices of the students of Florida as well of those from other categories. The rivalry between president Trump and the nation's law enforcement agencies is unprecedented in modern time and it needs to stop. Brave men and women are serving the nation throughout the FBI it is approximately 35000 employees. Donald Trump needs to understand that the purpose of the FBI is not to protect an administration less a president, its' sole mission is to protect the American people and the values for which it stands. It is not the time to engage in a blame game but time to take action.

Donald Trump's selfishness

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© 2018 Jacques Lapierre


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