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How should Black People should be given reparations?

Updated on December 23, 2016

How Should Black People receive reparations?

The Government should disperse reparations to Black people not by giving us money, but by investing it in establishing Black enfranchisment.

The first step is paying for All Black people who are 3rd generation U.S. born should get free DNA testing telling them what countries the ancestors came from.

Second the Government must issue a formal apology to Black people of the U.S. which they never did. The government has issued apologies to Native Americans for stealing their land, Japanese citizens for putting them in interment camps, and even Holocaust victims for failure to act faster in WWII. All these groups received reparations from the government as well as a public apology, except for Black people. Apologizing to Black people would be there first step in healing old wounds and just acknowledging the government's role in this systematic genocide instead of putting the blame on a group of citizens.

Third the privatization of prison must end and the 13th ammendment edited to close the loophole making slavery legal for prison. The privatization of prisons has made money the number one priority in having full functioning prisons in America. The 13th ammendment made slavery illegal for the individual, but legal for the state. So during reconstruction Black codes where created that sent Black people to prison for arbitrary crimes and while imprisoned they could be leased to the same plantations they worked on during slavery. This still continues to this day with prisoners being released on work-release where they have to work for certain people to be out of the jail and Black people go to prison for non-violent drug related offenses. So the exploitation of Blacks in the prison system must end.

And Last they must invested in Black banks which is independently operated by Black people, so Black communities can self-finance our own communities so we can revitalized our communities. Statically speaking, Black people are the least likely to be given business loans to start Black-owned businesses that will make Black people independent from White people money which is a form of population control.

The reasons giving Black people the money directly would be a bad idea is that: #1 There is no way the U.S. government can fairly disperse the money to Black people fairly. It would be impossible to get all the money that Black people would rightly deserve and there is no way to determine who should get what and it would be fair. I don't think that its right for Black people like Jay-Z or Beyonce who don't need the money to receive reparations, but at the same time who am I to make that call. #2 Most Black people in this generation would use it to buy useless shit we don't need. In the movie Barbershop, Cedric the Entertainer's character, Eddie is right when he says, "All it would do is make Cadillac the number 1 dealership in America". Its human nature to want to be selfish and giving this generation of Blacks whose communities do not operate independently, we used the money to pay bills and buy unneccessary luxuries instead of investing in the next generation of Black communities. #3 Buying our silence is not the key to easing tensions. Just throwing money at Black people and expecting everything to be cool is a unrealistic vision that is more insulting than not giving us reparations at all.

This is just my opinion on how the Government can begin the process of systematically making amends with a group of people it has exploited and discriminated. This is the path to healing I believe can ease tensions in the country.

How Black people should receive reparations?

How Should Black people receive reparations?

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