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How Soccer Can Kill Terrorism

Updated on February 26, 2015

Well, this article is really a very important one. We have been suffering from so many human problems, including terrorism, racism, women’s issues like rape, and all others. This, the solution I am providing can really eradicate all of them. It requires much attention and desire to save humanity and change the world. I think if we really want to change the world, we must seriously consider about a bias-less childhood. It is not tough to do. Just read about the process of creating a better world using sports. And, it can be really effective and interesting to know how children can be the target-group for this task.

Do you like children? Most of us do and we love the innocence, purity and impartial minds of children. There is a very important message that needs a mention here. The world is going to be full of children one day. I mean, all people would become like children one day and that is going to happen pretty soon.

But why do I say this? In fact, people are getting increasingly aware about a free, impartial and ‘equally good for all’ world. As terrorism, religious intolerance plague our lives, we are actually propelled towards an idea of a world devoid of all these evils. The solution is to become like children. Pure, imaginative, active and really happy.

But, I am aware, now is not the perfect time to say this. So, I would rather like to talk about the remedy that can get us rid of terrorism (of all kinds). If you ask me why I have talked about children when I started this article, it is because childhood plays a very important part in eradicating all human evils, including terrorism. But how?

Well, I believe, if we want to remove terrorism, we must target the children not be aware about it. In fact, I have a firm belief that if children can be secluded from all kinds of terrorism news, texts, and activities, when they grow up, they will never be terrorists. It is applicable to all other crimes. I have found that the children who experience a culture of terrorism are the most vulnerable. If children come to know about heroics of terrorists - their brevity, their selfless nature, their will and their acts for saving humanity; etc., they will be more prone to become terrorists when they grow up. I mean, the environment in which a child grows up is the most important factor that determines the likes and dislikes of the person when he grows up.

What I want to say is that if you want to control the behavior of a grown up, you will have to control his childhood. I do know that revealing this can be dangerous as many people would take the advantage to progress their lobbies by acting on it. But truth doesn't change depending on outcomes. It is not a very easy task tough and there is no reason to think about wrong controlling at this time. It is simply because, it is a world of 7 billion and controlling children everywhere is not possible.

But, still, childhood is the age-group which must be targeted if we want to save this world from the evils. I want to give an example. I had actively taken part in Hindu ideologies when I was growing up and I have got a lifelong crush for such ideologies. I have, however, had the fortune to recreate my thought process thanks to a disorder and that made me think about my ideologies. Here is what I found – I used to like the ideologies because my brain was trained to love the Hindu ideologies when I was a child. This remained in my subconscious and I grew up to become a Hardcore Hindu.

I don’t blame anyone because it is not wrong. Many ideologies are being applied to the minds of children every day and we don’t think seriously about this. What I want say is that now is the time we should become serious about the teachings and environments we build for children. If a child grows up in no external ideological pressure, he will grow up to be a perfect human being. He won’t have any partiality towards any special ideology and we can term him to be a pure human being.

However, it is easier said than done. We must create an ecosystem for this, and the best way we can do this, I believe, is by involving sports in our educational syllabus. I mean, we must involve the children so much in sport that they are not influenced by the evil thoughts, wrong hero worship, and criminal motives. Sports is the best thing to do because, sportsmanship is the trait which cannot be influenced by evil ideologies. After all, you cannot become a great player if you want to kill people. But, I understand that there are some sports that are quite vulgar in nature. So selection of sports is also a very important factor.

I think, Soccer is the best sport to apply. It has all the qualities of being a popular game and it doesn't require too much technical knowledge too. I mean, it is not very expensive to play as well. I think, if we can submerge our children into a passionate, intricate and creative Soccer culture, we can get rid of many forms of inhumane evils. Terrorism is becoming too powerful and I think, we must think deeply about this.

So, let’s think about a children-full world, a cheerful world.

No terrorist, no terrorism.
No terrorist, no terrorism.
Play it passionately.
Play it passionately.


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