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How the Media Latches on to People Like Cam Newton to Persist Racism

Updated on February 1, 2016

The Media is Driving Your Day-To-Day Discussions

Have you seen a post in your Facebook feed about Cam Newton lately? Have you contributed to a discussion arguing for or against Cam Newton? If so, the media has been driving this conversation.

Think about it for a minute. If not for the media -- how much of Cam Newton's celebration or dancing in the end zone would you have known about? People celebrate all the time in pro football games.

Why not highlight Cam Newton's charity? Why not highlight all the money raised to hand out Thanksgiving dinner's to poor families on Thanksgiving? Why not have a 30 minute special of all the charitable contributions made by Cam Newton? This doesn't sell and this doesn't distract people from what's really happening.

Why does it matter?

It matters because the media can distract you from what's really happening. It's very easy to highlight a black guy celebrating in the end zone and label him a "thug". This is how you divide and control people.

Take a Look at My Twitter Feed

Now look at this image from my Twitter feed from this morning. Look at how CNN framed this picture.

If you zoom out, there would be white teammates standing there celebrating with the team. But if you zoom in enough, you can only see a few white teammates. This makes the picture look like a gang of "thugs" in the ghetto. At least that's what someone ignorant would think.

Stop falling for this trap.

Look at how the media portrays Cam Newton and his teammates. They zoomed in enough to cut out the white guys standing on the edges to make it look like a gang of "thugs".
Look at how the media portrays Cam Newton and his teammates. They zoomed in enough to cut out the white guys standing on the edges to make it look like a gang of "thugs". | Source

What's the Distraction

The media is controlled by the few. For an example, look up the holdings in Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. This company has billions of dollars in investments in media.

If the few that control the media need new government policy changes to legally make more money, well they need politicians in their back pocket in order to get those changes. If the few can control the media and keep us divided, it makes it easier for politicians to frame stories to fit the views of the divided groups to get votes. In this case, one story can be framed to fit the view of a large group of people that represent 50% of the population.

Wow! You never once thought of that. If we are divided evenly then we can easily be controlled. Geez, you learned something new today. Now think back to all the times you argued for or against something because the media told you to.

If you read to this point, you just discovered that you are part of the problem because you've been misled to believe you were always fighting on the side of the "good guys" when, in fact, you've been doing what the few who control all things want you to do. You are a sucker.

Understanding Brain Washing Mechanisms

We should first start with the brainwashing mechanisms. The biggest contributor to brainwashing is cable TV. This is the biggest brainwashing mechanism to ever be invented. We pay over $100/mo to be brainwashed. It's freakin' amazing how stupid we are.

But we still have a problem and that problem is social media. Networks like Facebook contribute greatly to brainwashing. All the stupid memes that people post and redistribute. These things are freely distributed without even doing any research to understand if the claim is true. This is worse than TV because people are actually contributing to the problem freely.

We've been so brainwashed that people who think they are "fighting the good fight" are doing exactly what the few want them to do. That thing is to get angry over a specific cause and blindly spew propaganda in support of that cause.

People that believe so deeply that they are fighting against the cause are the biggest problem. Is this you?

How Do We Fight Back?

In my opinion, this is the greatest problem the US needs to solve. It's not healthcare or terrorism. It's the corruption in our government. It's the few that control everything that keep us divided so we are easier to control.

The only way to solve this problem is through education. Not the type of education you get from going to school but educating people to stop supporting the few. Educating people on how this all works.

It first starts with you. You need to admit that you are part of the problem. You may have thought you were doing the right things but you need to realize you were not. You were being controlled.

This will be hard for you because there will be so many stupid conversations on Facebook. In the past, you waited for those stupid conversations to arise so you could jump in and own the conversation and win the "debate". You can't do this anymore.

You need to understand that this is your crack. It will be hard but you have to get off the crack. You may suffer through withdrawals but you have to do it.

Once you get through this, you are free to teach others how they are part of the problem.


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