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How the tribal can be helped?

Updated on August 13, 2013

The tribal in the human race!

Human race is one and human beings are one. Then why there are so many differences on earth? Who has created these differences? It is the selfish politicians who are power mongering, the main cause of strife between people from different regions, Nationality, Languages and Religious affluence. Each one thinks differently and has different views. There are many affirmations in all major religious scriptures like; “All are One, Be alike to everyone”. The external differences arise out of wrong perceptions, prejudice and false notions. First of all, in many metro cities, one is not bothered about their neighbors even. They never care to know about one another. But in the villages, people are mostly co-operative and they participate in all festivals, house functions and if somebody dies in the village, all people irrespective of their caste or creed congregate in the house where death has occurred and participate in the funeral services. But selfish politicians everywhere stoke the differences and use it for their benefit or for winning elections. Politicians usually side with the majority community of a village or town. The remaining minority communities seek the help of the opposite parties to get some benefit for their community. We have seen that in every country, ethnicity plays a major role.

Even in the beginning of human race, people migrated from one place to another in search of greener pastures for the cattle. When one region is affected by drought, they move on to some other region where there was sufficient rainfall or river source. People usually settle along river beds since water is the most essential thing needed for human beings as well as cattle. Hence, the availability of water decided human dwellings. Most of the civilizations around the world developed along river beds. The Nile was the heart line for Egyptians. Likewise major populations settled only along river beds. People spread throughout the globe due to certain climatic conditions or for searching for livelihood or seeking cultivable lands to grow grains for their consumption as well as to commercialize the produce. Many tribes were chased away from their native lands by other people who were mighty. Those people settled in some faraway places enduring the vicissitudes of nature and wild animals. Certain people lived in deep caves in the hills to avoid confrontations with wild animals. Some people, unable to find a land mass lived in deep jungles and forests and led a stressful life. Many such tribes were found living in the most remote areas of the world braving the tough living conditions.

Even those tribes who lived their life for many generations are deprived of their habitations when countries start planning industries, in those unexplored areas since they could get cheap labors. But, sadly the forest wealth is plundered in the name of industrialization. This is the case in many countries. Tribal are the most affected lot. They were illiterate and lived frugal living without any connections from the external world. Even if some government wants to improve their living condition, it is at the cost of losing their tradition and culture. In fact, modern life promotes only laziness in people. But the hardworking and self-reliant tribal populations need dignified living with access to modern healthcare facilities, drinking water, and access to markets for their needs and also to sell their surplus materials grown in the forests. But in many countries, the government wants to seize their land and livelihood and in turn offer them housing and other implements to start their life afresh. In a way, it is a disservice to the tribal populations.

We must understand that there is unity behind the apparent diversity of human race. But the blood of all human beings is only red, everyone is sustained by the food, need clothing to protect from weather and a shelter for rest and sleep. If the governments are really concerned with the welfare of all the people, they must try to improve their living conditions without migrating them from their native lands and forests. Make all the facilities accessible to them by laying roads and connecting them by power lines, telephones etc., they need to live their life in a dignified way, retaining their culture and customs. Government should never interfere in their religious practices. The authorities can arrange access to healthcare, drinking water, electricity etc., When the government was hesitant, Sathya Saibaba enabled drinking water to those tribal people who were living in the hills of West Godavari District, completely cut off from the Government schemes. The volunteers of Sai Organization ventured to the inaccessible place, laid pipe lines from distant water sources, repaired their places of worship and made them to realize that somebody really cares for them if not the Government!

Tribal life and Saibaba's aid to them!


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