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Becoming a Mother Without a Man

Updated on March 29, 2015
Stephanie Berman, inventor of the Semenette
Stephanie Berman, inventor of the Semenette

Hmmm. How does one talk about this? This device was created by a lesbian woman who wanted the act of getting pregnant be as natural and as if with a real man, except with another woman. Most gay women probably have had some relationships with a man, especially the attractive ones, so, they know how a real penis works. So, when Stephanie Berman and her lover went beyond just the sex portion and wanted to be parents, the privacy dilemma occurred to her. She wanted to simulate the man and woman aspect in the privacy of her home and conceive in this manner versus the more intrusive clinical aspect of getting sperm to impregnate eggs and then plant them and pray magic happens. Of course, the easiest way would be just to find a great looking guy and pay stud fees. I suppose that could happen. Going to a sperm bank and selecting a guy's sperm to use for a fee is a far less impersonal way, but it does work!

Enter the Semenette. A 6.25 inch sex toy for $140. The device is special because you can fill it with real sperm from your chosen donor and during intercourse the device will ejaculate it into your partner, just like a man and woman. The process is so simple, why did nobody think of this before now? Basically, siphon the sperm into a small sack and during the act, at the right time, the person acting as the man, simply squeezes the sack (which is outside of penis and in the hand of the wearer). The sperm ejaculates into the vagina as in real life. The real natural process now occurs or does not. If is fails, you can try again.

Of course, there is that artificial aspect to it, there has to be, but it allows a couple to have sex with the purpose of getting pregnant. It is far cheaper than insemination that can reach into the thousands and very impersonal. But the device is not just for lesbian couples, but any woman who perhaps has been career focused for much of her life and still without a man she wants to mate with, yet, is no way a lesbian. The device allows her to get pregnant when her time is right.

For women, their most fertile period is from age 25-35. For many, that is the wrong time for them for it interferes with careers. By age 35, the egg quality they were born with starts to degrade from Grade A to B to C. By the time Grade C is reached, most doctors will tell the patient to buy eggs from a client to implant with because the chances of getting pregnant is slim. If the woman is 40+, her eggs are most likely Grade C. It's just biology and time. Time works against you body, and while you can delay the impact of time in appearance cosmetics, internally, the truth tells a different story.

Studies show that the best time to ejaculate to get pregnant is from one minute before a woman reaches orgasm or within 45 minutes after it occurs as the pressure in the uterus is highest and draws the sperm like a vacuum. This helps the sperm swim to the eggs

This product required FDA approval since it involves real semen.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks, the website has a video of how it works, very simple. Kinda bizarre, though.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      3 years ago from California

      Wow! I haven't heard of this before. After listening to the news I thought I would really like to hear about something new. This fits the bill. This is excellent journalism.


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