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What Qualifies You for the Supreme Court

Updated on May 20, 2012

 There are no specific requirements such as age, education, or experience to become a Supreme Court Justice in the United States, but the nominees are appointed by the president and validated by the United States Senate. Therefore, it is important to build a career path that focuses on political science and law if you wish to be nominated. Currently, most of the Supreme Court justices have attended respectable universities and built years of experience as judges and lawyers.

Step One

Work hard in high school. The type of grades you receive in high school affect your ability to get accepted to a reputable college. To get accepted to a reputable college such as an Ivy League your overall grade point average must be close to a 4.0. Obtaining a high grade point average requires good studying habits and attentiveness.

Step Two

Enroll in college and obtain a Bachelor's Degree. The Bachelor programs that will increase your chances of becoming a Supreme Court Justice Judge are Political Science, Criminal Justice, or Economics. Participate in the college's student council; keep a respectable reputation as well as a high grade point average.

Step Three

Volunteer at local law firms and city or state-wide elections. Volunteering increases your experience, as well as your qualifications. Election campaigns and law firms are always looking for volunteers. While you are volunteering get to know as many people as possible; they may be able to supply you with professional recommendations at a later dates.

Step Four

Obtain a Law Degree and pass the Bar exam. Obtaining a Law Degree will increase your chances of becoming a Supreme Court Justice Judge. Having a Law Degree not only supplies you with informative knowledge about the judicial system, but it qualifies you for other positions in addition to the Supreme Court Justice Judge position such as Lawyer or a District Court Judge.

Step Five

Become a public figure. Being a public figure allows others to recognize your credibility as well as the way you work. Obtaining a position as a governor, mayor, senator, or other municipal government position will increase your chances on becoming a Supreme Court Justice Judge because it displays you have adequate work experience.

Step Six

Receive a recommendation. The president often nominates an individual for the Supreme Court Justice Judge position that has been highly recommended from a reputable public figure such as senators or members of the house. Befriending a potential recommender is an option to get his attention. Writing a proposal that signifies why you are a great candidate for the position is another way to grasp his attention.


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