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How to Create a Fundraising Event

Updated on August 22, 2013

Get in Shape for a Sponsored Walk

Sponsored Events

There are many reasons why funds need to be raised; it can be a personal expense like medical bills that are not covered by national or private insurance, or you may want to start fundraising for an already established organisation like Cancer Research or Save the Children, for example. The secret is finding a fundraising source that will be enjoyable to contributors as well as organisers.

Often we can find organised sponsored events; like a long-distance walk or bicycle ride, where the public can sponsor a participant to finish the distance, or for a certain amount per mile covered. An individual can offer to cut off their hair or even shave their heads for a charity; asking for contributions to reach a fixed amount before they perform the task.

Cupcakes and Cookies

Fundraising for Schools

For a school charity or an organised group, there are a number of ideas that they can take up as a fundraising event, like a bake sale or sponsored sports day. Students can be encouraged to sell cookies or cupcakes, or perhaps different flavours of cookie dough, so that sponsors can buy the dough and then bake fresh cookies for themselves. There are many companies out there who would be only too willing to donate the cookie dough at a minimal cost, if it is for a good cause. Organisers do not even have to pay up front, as the orders are collected on fundraising day and passed on to the company who will then deliver the exact amount required; no more no less. This idea not only offers participants the chance to cook their own oven fresh cookies, but the organisers lose nothing; unlike trying to sell their already baked cookies or cupcakes, which if they prepared to many and don't sell them means they lose profits, or if they don't bake enough then they may be missing out on a lot more possible sales.

One great option for schools is to start an online fundraising event, where donations can be made away from the public eye; anonymously if preferred.

Online Registry

Planning a wedding and struggling to find the funds to include a honeymoon? Why not do away with the normal wedding registry at a store for wedding gifts, and instead start an online registry, where guests can donate to a honeymoon fund, or perhaps pay for some special extras like a champagne breakfast or a candlelit dinner during your trip.

Of course fundraising events are not always personal and can be undertaken on behalf of others, as with the medical bills problem, college fees, or something else important that the person is having trouble funding. There are also online sites which can help you with this, by providing you with ideas for fundraising events or by actually running and promoting them for you.

You can also have custom scratch cards produced, that instead of revealing a prize will reveal an amount that the participant should donate: this idea of course should be tailored to the intended crowd, and requests kept to reasonable amounts, except of course in organised fundraising events where the crowd are known to have plenty of cash that they expect to donate during the course of the evening.

Novelty Towel Pack

Novelty Items

If you are looking to sell items at your fundraiser, then try to choose items that are purchased on a regular basis and therefore people will not think twice about buying them: pens and pencils, notebooks, blank greetings cards for personal messages, for example, or larger items like T-shirts, tea towels, towels, and so on. When you want something really unique then look for a novelty item that will draw attention and that everyone will want to buy; hopefully in several units to give as gifts.

Raffles and auctions are another great way to raise money, and local retailers can be approached to donate items for this purpose. As an added incentive to their generosity you can offer to set up a display board at your event; listing the names of all the companies who were kind enough to donate.

Professional fundraisers are available, both online and off, to offer their services to anyone who wishes to organise an event and doesn't know how to start. Some of these companies will charge a fixed fee, while others will work for a percentage of total funds raised, or an amount to be agreed between both parties.

Take a little time to research online and you will find all the help you need at the click of a mouse.


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    • whatswhatnow profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Spain

      Thanks for the comment FootyPundit13 and good luck with the fundraising.

    • FootyPundit13 profile image


      5 years ago from London

      Need to raise some money for a charity trip to Namibia next summer, will definitely try some of these things - thanks a lot!


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