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How to Defeat America

Updated on October 26, 2016


This hub is my attempt to be the "Devil's Advocate" and think "out of the box" on how to defeat America. This exercise will reveal and expose who and what groups are behind this.

-July 2015


In 1989, America is the only super power left after the fall of the Soviet Union. Our military prowess is unsurpassed. Our economic engine propelled by free market capitalism is dominant over the world. If you are against all that America stands for, what do you do?

It is clear to anyone that America is too strong economically and militarily to be challenge from abroad. Even after the attack on the homeland by Islamic extremists on 9/11, America recovered and became stronger than ever.

If you are patient and you believe in your cause, that America is too arrogant and too corrupt and too unfair and too colonial, you must adopt a strategy to defeat it.

Here Is a List of Actions...

The key to defeat America is from within. If one can rise to power by participating in the electoral process and win then the rest is like a cookbook. The actions I am stating below is 30 years in the making.

  • Attack and reduce the influence of the Church (remove God from the public square)
  • Dumb down the next generation by way of forced public education
  • Reduce the military budget
  • Reduce the influence of the family unit (birth out of wedlock)
  • Push to legalize controlled substances (marijuana)
  • Spend the treasury into deficits
  • Divide the country by race, and gender and economic status...and political parties
  • Open our borders
  • Withdraw our influences oversea
  • Create an increasing dependency class
  • Increase our energy dependence on foreign countries
  • Increase spying and surveillance on US citizens - NSA
  • Outsource our manufacturing capabilities
  • Nationalize our healthcare industry
  • Reduce respect for law and order (the local police)
  • Dominate the courts with judges that buy into your ideology
  • Distract the populace with false dangers (global warming...)
  • Go after organizations that are a threat (TEA party, FOX news...)
  • More gun control legislation
  • Control the national press
  • Pervert the Constitution

Who Is Behind This?

Some people call them "The Power That Be". A minority of elites that use their money and power to create a soft tyranny over the populace.

Ask your self, who and what organizations are pushing these agendas?

I can name a few organizations and the people behind this.


This hub is pointing out what is driving our country from a political and ideological bent. If you agree with premise that America needs to be transformed, this is the path. If you disagree, we need to take actions to preserve and defend our Constitution.


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    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      3 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Thanks for the comment. I agree the Supreme Court have been politicized lately. There decisions will have long term implications.

    • somethgblue profile image


      3 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      AWESOME perspective, great job on revealing THE TRUE CRIME of the Century.

      Really, really well done.

      . . . and of course, put Judges on the Supreme Court that are bought and paid for!


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