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How to Eliminate Electronic "Dream Attacks"

Updated on October 29, 2010

How to Eliminate "Dream Attacks"

       I have experienced every variation of electronic Hell in my dreams.  You wake up and your ears are ringing and it feels like something is trying to take control of your mind.  They even got me to cry about stuff I don't care about IN the dream.  This kind of sleep DRAINS, it leaves you weak so that this "language" of mental castration can be foisted upon you so that you can irritate people with UNIQUE PERSONALITIES.  How much remains of someone who has "Lost their soul to the Electronic Devil" is unknown.  Many retain original nuances of their authentic personality..........but they are FOR this cause and AGAINST YOU if you aren't "on their team"! 

    The way to prevent this is both medicinal and acoustic.  If you take 200mg Trazodone with some Imodium pills ground-up under your tongue with VERY LOUD MUSIC PLAYING, you can teach yourself to "SLEEP FREE".  Also, when you wake up and have that "something is after my soul" feeling...........DON'T PANIC and change your thought patterns with Zoloft, Caffeine, a nicotine chew, Imodium and DO SOMETHING (like playing a video game that you enjoy)........anything that gets your mind OUT-OF-SYNCH with this thing that "eats people in their sleep".  Remember that they can make you SEEM to be doing horrific acts which are extremely demoralizing.  This is usually what pushes most people over the edge of sanity.  They think that they do not deserve to live because of what they have DREAMED!

      Their are elements of "the language" embedded in nthe dream to make us identify with this "electronic cult": animals which imply we are: cockroaches, birds, squirrels, dinosaurs, monkeys, "trash" or else it simply depicts you engaging in the most despicable thing you could possibly do.  This isn't an easy thing to face which is why "the electronic way" has infected most of America.  People cannot stand up to their worst fears which are portrayed in their dreams (these subliminal messages come accross as thoughts you HATE during the day).  It's all subliminally-inflicted obediance.  If you learn to protect yourself, you'll be able to go about controlling your own mind and body which really upsets these "dog people" who march to the beat of only God-knows-what! 

    Whenever possible, day or night: wear earplugs or an I-pod YOU programmed and a headphone amplifier.  It's worth it because you won't be yourself when they are done "programming" you.  Medications like Zoloft, Clonopin (for the "social anxiety" we feel around programmed people), caffeine, Imodium are good blockers of this "social disease".  For those still able to function at their jobs - an ADHD drug will help you get through the mental-murk of electronically-induced CONFUSION.  I happen to have it, I imagine we all do in this age of "mental conversion".  Don't forget ABILIFY.  This "mental stabilizer" will help you keep your footing in this "synthetic mental earthquake".  Change your tactics and work on flexing your OWN mental muscles than just "going with the flow". 

     This will not last forever.  Maybe people will prefer to do what THEY want than what some "electronic Deity" tells them.  Maybe the people who cannot think/speak/move for themselves will stop functioning when this "Electronic Devil" shuts down.  I believe this represents our country's desire to fulfill Biblical prophecy.  This way the country runs like a very efficient machine.  Resources don't get wasted, over-population is discouraged because all the males are too busy pursuing each other instead of women, even the animals seem to be operated by remote-control!  Maybe there will be an upcoming disaster which will remove everyone who isn't TRULY ALIVE (like you and me).  The key is SURVIVAL.  Just wait this out. 

   I survive by refusing to believe that anyone I'm around is "stalking" me.  The people I Love are STILL the people I Love.  I insist on the TRUE WAY OF SEEING REALITY.  I know but do not "speak the language".  These people have called me "bilingual".  This is good because I can now warn the unwary about it.  Be aware of the danger somewhere deep down in your mind but force yourself to BELIEVE EVERYTHING IS O.K.  The mind leads the heart through the perilous "game" of psychological-mindjacking.........they must break the heart to enter the mind.  YOU control your feelings by thinking, BELIEVING, visualizing or making your mind a total blank , changing your perceptions of yourself (a ball of energy, the infinite void, a huge and powerful animal that cannot ever be tamed, someone else).  Whatever it takes to keep your SPIRITS UP.  Be giddy, find hobbies you could make TELLING OTHERS your ultimate priority!  Stay real..........we are a rarity!!!! 


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Electronics Have taken over "OUR" World. They strive to replace us and to even dare control us. We shall not allow such Mechanical race to overcome us. Many of us Orga's

      (Organic Life) depend on Computers and machines to make our lives easier and even to be used as our life support. But what happens when we fall too deep into that hole? These Electronic Machines are not Our Friends! I say destroy what is necessary and claim back our World from this Electronic Pandemic....

    • ArtzGirl profile image


      7 years ago from San Diego

      I have been researching information on this after posting my 9/11 article. Here is a group that supposedly helps with this type of attack. Check out his site--

      Also, I am investigating hiring an attorney. If people just take this type of treatment without fighting back, then we will all be zombies in a few years. Got to make a stand. This is violating so many of our rights that it needs to be reported. Thanks for speaking up about this!


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