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How to Escape From a Spy Without Detection

Updated on May 16, 2015

Spies are Smart; You Need to 'Get Smart'


MAD TV Spies


This is a Sequel to a Very Popular Article

Please note that this is a sequel to my first article: 5 Signs You are Being Spied On.

For maximum benefit of this article, I suggest you first read my previous article first to learn the early warning signs that you have a spy hot on your trail.

When a Spy Invades Your Home or Apartment

After reading my first Hub, you should now know a few signs that you are being surveilled by a spy. When walking to your car, you may notice that the spy has vacated his vehicle. That is to avoid being detected.

Walk up to the unmarked car inconspicuously and take down the license plate number. This is so you can later look it up. It is a dead giveaway if the tag says "government" and in this case, you have a government spy following you.

There is a good chance that he is attempting to slip into your home or apartment to place bugs in your home. A bug is the correct term for a listening device.

Once inside your home, the spy will place listening devices in inconspicuous places, such as planters, behind wall switch plates, and within the inner housing of home phone handsets (if there is room).

A good bug will not weigh enough to be detected simply by picking up an object. Probably a couple of ounces.

However, take precautions. Weigh your laptop, power supply, and battery individually, noting the weight of each.

After a period of time away from your laptop, re-weigh your equipment to detect extra weight, indicating that you have been bugged.

After bugging your place, he will then attempt to steal information from your computer(s). Any hard drives will be copied. Laptops can also be bugged, and the spy might place a keystroke logger on your computer so he will capture your passwords on the websites you visit.

How to Safeguard Your Laptop from a Spy

You can place a motion activated video camera in the power supply of your laptop computer. One very smart individual put a fine powder in the screw-hole of his laptop before traveling to a foreign country. He then sawed off the tip of the screw, allowing room for the powder. He left his laptop in his room and left for an hour. Sure enough, after an hour's time, he checked the hole for the powder. It was gone, proving that a spy had tampered with his laptop's hard drive.

If you are an American traveling to China, you can be certain that your hard drive will be copied from your laptop. You should: 1) not take a laptop with you, or 2) take a cheap laptop that you don't mind if it is tampered with.

But you can be certain that it has been cloned and a virus may be on your laptop that will send data back to the spies that bugged your computer.

Pinhole of a Spy Video Camera


Plan for the Home Invasion

After reading this Hub, you will be prepared for a spy to invade your private quarters.

5 Quick Tips to Prepare for a Home Invasion:

  1. First, visit a local spy shop, if you have one nearby. Purchase a small surveillance camera that could easily be disguised in your bookcase. Rookie spies will not do a preliminary sweep for video cameras or bugs before bugging your home, but "big dogs" will have mobile equipment that can jam video camera feeds. This kind of spy is funded by the government, yet the government will not publicly acknowledge his espionage unit if caught.This is for the fallout after the spy operation goes sour. If you survive the incursion, and can retrieve the footage of the spy in your home, you can expose the spy.
  2. Second, don't store your confidential information on your hard drive. If you use flash drives, carry them on you or hide them away from your residence.
  3. Don't leave firearms in your home. These can be removed and later planted by the spy at a crime scene, making you look guilty.
  4. Have a safe house that no one knows about. If you pay for said safe house with your bank accounts, then they are easily discovered. You need to pay for the safe house with cash, so it is not detected by spies that can easily track payments.
  5. Have a stash of cash to grab on the go. If you have to leave your home all of a sudden, you need a bag with overnight clothes and cash so you can move fast.

Unless you are ex-military or have some sort of fighting training, you do not want a face-to-face encounter with a spy. They will hurt you bad. Plus they are loaded with weapons in secret compartments in their trench coat.

Plan to make a quick getaway and elude them.

Now get your tail on the road, fast! The sooner you get out of town, the better off you are.

It is not safe to stay with relatives or public friends. Any acquaintance you have not contacted electronically are okay to stay with. Use snail mail to tell them you are coming. Put it in the mail as you leave town. It is best if they live in another state.

Staying with friends that live in log cabins in the wilderness could be a double-edged sword.
It could be good since they may not have a big footprint online (assuming they are independent wilderness buffs), but if the spy finds you there, you are as good as dead.

They will burn the log cabin to the ground and you are in the middle of the woods. No one will hear you scream. The advantage of being in a city is that the spy will probably not harm you in public, and there are more people that could be witnesses.

The only problem is that government spy units operates autonomously, and spies working for such an agency usually think they answer to no one.

Cabin in the Woods


Cabin in the Woods

If you find yourself at a cabin in the woods you could be safe for a while. Just don't use your cell phone and call any relatives or friends, because they are all being monitored.

This could ultimately be the endgame for you if the spy has a GPS bug on your vehicle.

If you are reading this Hub from the cabin in the woods, I wish you luck.

Try to hold out as long as you can. Hopefully, you have a friend that can teach you how to hunt and fish and live off the land.

Spy Escape & Evasion: Escaping Duct Tape


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting, I like the common sense.