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How to File a Complaint with the Internet Crime Center FBI

Updated on March 15, 2013
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What is IC3 / Internet Crime Complaint Center?

The Internet Crime Complaint Center is partnered with the FBI. The "IC3" (Internet Crime Complaint Center) handles a large variety of internet related cases, see the list below:

Cases the Internet Crime Complaint Center Handles

Common Fraud Scams
- Telemarketing Fraud
- Nigerian Letter or “419” Fraud
- Identity Theft
- Advance Fee Schemes
- Health Care Fraud/Health Insurance Fraud
- Redemption/Strawman/Bond Fraud

Investment-Related Scams
- Letter of Credit Fraud
- Prime Bank Note Fraud
- Ponzi Schemes
- Pyramid Schemes

Internet Scams
- Internet Auction Fraud
- Non-Delivery of Merchandise
- Credit Card Fraud
- Investment Fraud
- Business Fraud
- Nigerian Letter or "419" Fraud

Fraud Target: Senior Citizens
- Health Care Fraud/Health Insurance Fraud
- Counterfeit Prescription Drugs
- Funeral and Cemetery Fraud
- Fraudulent "Anti-Aging" Products
- Telemarketing Fraud
- Internet Fraud
- Investment Schemes
- Reverse Mortgage Scams

and more.

Top Cyber Crimes of 2012

Information Needed to File a Case / Complaint

You will want to obtain as much of the following information as possible before you file your case:

  • Your name
  • Your mailing address
  • Your telephone number
  • Name of the individual or business that defrauded you
  • Address of the individual or business that defrauded you
  • Telephone number of the individual or business that defrauded you
  • Website and email address of the individual or business that defrauded you
  • Specific details on how you were defrauded
  • Any other relevant information necessary to support your complaint, such as:
    • Canceled checks
    • Certified or other mail receipts
    • Chatroom or newsgroup text
    • Credit card receipts
    • Envelopes (if you received items via FedEx, UPS, or U.S. Mail)
    • Facsimiles
    • Money order receipts
    • Pamphlets or brochures
    • Phone bills
    • Printed or electronic copies of emails
    • Printed or electronic copies of web pages
    • Wire receipts

Where to File a Case / Complaint

After you have all of the information gathered, you will want to file your case here.

What to Expect After a Case is Filed

When a case is filed, you will receive a case number and log-in information. You can use this to ADD INFORMATION to your case.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center reviews each complaint then determines what needs to happen next. Your case will then be sent to federal, state, local, or international law enforcement or regulatory agency for further investigation.

This does not mean that action will be taken or that you will receive a quick response. Your case may take several weeks or months to be reviewed and investigated by the appropriate channels. Of course, the more information you provide from the above list will help expedite your case.

KEEP IN MIND: The IC3 does not conduct investigations itsself so you cannot get "status updates" through them. The goal of the IC3 is to get your case to the appropriate party. This is why including valid contact information is imperative.

Being Contacted by Law Enforcement

The IC3 does NOT retain copies of evidence provided to them for review. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have copies of all evidence in regard to your case for law enforcement.

What If My Case is Urgent?

If you have an emergency case, you should go directly to law enforcement. This includes cases which involves online threats of any kind.

Should I Report Spam to the IC3?

"SPAM" refers to bulk junk mail being sent out. The IC3 does not deal with "common spam", but you can send spam to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding the SPAM directly to Be sure to include the complete spam email.

Other Online Harassment: YouTube, Google Voice, Facebook and More

If you are being harassed online but your harassment doesn't fall into a category of something you would report to the IC3, check out my other articles on internet harassment and how to report it:

Online Harassment - How to Stop Youtube Harassment,and Cyber stalking

Online Harassment - Unwanted Calls, Google Voice Harassment and More

Cyber Crime Video

Have You Been a Victim of an Online Scam?

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    • profile image

      Kunal Kehmu 

      4 years ago

      Hey guys this is serious matter

      i hope any good usa citizen gonna complain to FBI for this above and

      because outside of usa can't complain , take strict action against him

      hope many people will take action and send this report to more places.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      there is website which is playing with innocent people creditcard and paypal and sell it for 2$ and 3$ or and the hosting provider

      and also offer cc store host to others kindly take strict action against them and help a lot of innocent people.

      The website is running since 2011 and nobody took any action against it.


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