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How to Get UK Citizenship? Be a British Citizen

Updated on November 15, 2012

How to be a British Citizen?

To live legally in Britain and get all the facilities one must have to be a citizen of UK. If a foreigner managed to get a UK citizenship then he will not need any special permission. It is very much possible though not too easy. Here are the ways to get a UK citizenship:

The natural way of becoming a British citizen is the citizenship by descent. This is the citizenship by birth, which is for those whose parents are British citizens. But other complex ways of getting citizenships for the people who have no British father or mother also exist.

Citizenship by Naturalization:

This type of citizenship can be obtained by the following ways:

1) The applicant should be 18 or more years of age.

2) He should have to live legally for at least 5 years continuously in the UK.

3) He needs to be fluent in English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic . He also need have to possess workable writing and listening skills in these languages.

4) He should have a “good character”.

5) He must have the detailed knowledge about living and life styles of United Kingdom.

6) He should possess sound mind.

If you can fulfill these conditions you can apply for a British citizenship.

Citizenship by Registration:

If the applicant is born to a British mother in UK before 1983 or after 1983 and lived in the UK for ten years minimum he can apply for citizenship by registration in UK. A British overseas citizen or British dependent territories citizen is not eligible for this type of citizenship.

Citizenship by Marriage:

This is the most common type of process by which foreigners get British nationality. If anyone marries a British citizen or a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) and lives in Britain for three or more years, he/she can apply for the UK citizenship. The applicant will be interviewed and the authorities also may check the marriage is fake or not.

Citizenship for the people of European Economic Area (EEA)

The people from the countries of European Economic Area shall get all the facilities like a British national in UK. They shall be treated like British citizens in UK. These facilities are available for the people from the countries like Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Ireland etc.

Citizenship by Political Asylum:

If your country is in a war like state or you have flew from the oppressive countries like Iran or North Korea to Great Britain you can apply for political asylum. While living in political asylum for a considerable period of time you can apply for UK citizenship.

What is meant by “good character” for an applicant for British citizenship?

By good character the British authorities mean that the applicant must show respect for the rights and freedom of the United Kingdom. He also should observe all the British laws and also he must fulfill his duties and obligations as a resident in Great Britain. Your police records will be checked and any breach of law will make your case difficult. Your financial records will also be checked. The applicant must pay his income taxes appropriately; any bankruptcy case must also be defended. The applicant must declair if he has any police case.

What is meant by “sound mind”?

The applicant for the UK citizenship will be considered to be ofsound mindif he/she can make his own decisions. He /She must have that mental capacity to understand the step he/she is taking in applying for British nationality. The applicant must not be mentally retarded or under aged.

Though it is becoming tougher to get UK citizenship it is not impossible for a foreign national. The process is not very easy and it would take time. Best of luck to you if you are wanted to get UK citizenship.


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    • profile image

      zafar khan 5 years ago

      my name is zafar khan ,and i love uk ,because tht the one way of life to spent it on uk ,love uk peoples ,guys am pakistani

    • profile image

      Madalina 5 years ago

      Hello! My name is Madalina and I am from Romania.When I was 7 yars old

      I was diagnosted with luckimia and I have been treated in the Uk in Sheffield were I stood almoust 2 years.My donar was a british man and after the transplant I wasn't talcking my original langueage.I was talking onley eanglish.I was wondering if I can get british citizenship,becouse I really mis Sheffield.Now I leav in Romania.