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How to Grant A Wish

Updated on April 17, 2017

Make a Dream Come True

It isn't every day that you get to truly be a hero, but the Make a Wish Foundation can literally make a hero out of anyone; and it's a lot less work than you might think.

Have you ever wanted to really help people, but have no idea how to or where to even begin? I know the feeling. This is when I realized that there is a way to help so many people, that truly deserve it, and be able to feel like you have made a real difference for the good of all mankind.

Why it Matters

There are few things on this planet more worthy of miracles and joy than a child. Every child in the world should have at least one great wish and have it come true, but children that have a grim outlook on their future; be it from a constant illness, or one that may very well cut their lives short, these children very often only get one chance at this.

The point of Make a Wish, in my eyes, is to give children, and their families, that have been suffering with disease and illnesses, bills and doctors, hospitals and treatments, something special, something happy, to memorialize their time here.

The idea of a child's life ending before it really even begins is a tragic concept, beyond belief tragic, but being able to give them something else, even if it's something small that doesn't last long, is a truly amazing feat.

Imagine a child that has endured more pain and suffering than most people ever do, that sees doctors, nurses and needles more than many people combined due in a full lifetime, getting one real piece of happiness in their life.

This is what makes the Make a Wish Foundation so special. It takes away the stress and sadness for a little while and allows children and their families to simply be normal and happy. It creates memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Make a Dream Come True

Whether you are looking for a great place to send tithes for your religion and can't see, to find that right place, you're looking for the right charity to donate that extra cash to, or it tugs at your heart strings and makes you want to get in there and help in anyway possible; here is your chance.

The Make a Wish Foundation is the ideal charity to help because it makes a child's dream come true. In some cases, it will be the only real wish that will ever come true. For others, it could be just the thing they need to boost their confidence and help them fight for a better future.

Remember that making a wish come true is a heroic move no matter how you look at it, because it is the most pure and amazing form of gift that we, as simple humans, can really do for those that truly deserve some happiness in their lives.

Where to Donate

If you would like to make a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation, click here and help however you can.

Remember that every penny counts!


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