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How to Handle When Caught a "Peeping Tom" out of Your Window

Updated on June 27, 2020
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I am a writer and researcher who mostly like to write on social issues I want to discus and give solutions by my articles.

Imagine that you are sleeping in your bedroom and suddenly your eyes open and you see towards the windows where someone is standing out and gazing at you, how scary it is, isn’t it? Today I want to discuss which issue is very common and anyone can face this issue or problem whether you live eastern country or western you can caught a “peeping tom” out of your windows. First let me clear what is “peeping tom”? A personality what you can caught out of your windows whether his motive whatever but you can find him again and again until you resolve this situation but how you can resolve this, there are many ways which you can follow but I am going to share my opinion that how you can resolve this matter in a safest way. But before that I want to share my friend experience in her words that how she and her husband handle it.

My Friend Experience in Her Words

My name is Sana Ahmed I am married and living happily life with my husband but some time some incidents happens in life which breaks you from inside something like that happen with us. I live with my in-laws on first floor of the house, I have a window in my room which exist behind of my bad if someone try to watch in the room he can, due to suffocation we remain open that window. One night my husband was coming back from washroom when he saw that someone is watching inside from the window my husband screamed so he ran out. Behind our house wall a house exist where a family is living in a joint family system. That house has also ground floor and first floor and on first floor their younger brother live with his wife and two kids, that man did this disgusting thing. Due to my husband voice I woke up and after knowing situation I was shocked there were tears in my eyes and I was thinking that I am not safe even my own bedroom that feelings are very worst but I was thinking, my husband also was upset and angry too but my husband took care of me but that night was so scary for me and I was not able to sleep again.

Next morning my husband went to their home and talked to his elders they were so embarrassed to listen that and were sorry, they promised that it will not happen again but for our safety my husband made wooden flap for the window which remain open in a day and close in night we were sure that now no one can peep inside but unfortunately we were wrong, it happened again after two years.

Our wooden flap loosed its fitting due to continuously use, one night I could not sleep due to hot weather and I had been taking crotch suddenly I watched towards window unconsciously and I saw that one side of window there was darkness and I couldn’t see the sky from there, I scared that what is it when I looked carefully there was a man standing outside, I screamed with fear that Ahmad! Someone is standing out of the window, I repeated that sentence two or three times so Ahmad woke up and looked out from window but he ran. I was so scared and couldn’t forget that scene it was so scary that night I just cried and cried I was feeling so helpless that thoughts were making me more helpless that I am not safe in my house, even in my bedroom my husband went straight away to their house and complained again he fought also little bit, they were again sorry and said it will not happen again, my husband threatened that I’ll go to police next time but we had to do our safety that’s why we closed that window permanently. We thought suffocation is better than unsafe environment.

Review on Her Situation

When she told me her story I was shocked that which type of people exist in the world they have no sense of other’s privacy and dealing with them is really difficult. And how Sana and her husband handled the situation I am not satisfy with that because after warning he did again this and from when he was doing this we don’t know but she better knew about her circumstances that what was good or bad for them they finished that reason which was making problem for them.

Some tips For Dealing With a “Peeping Tom” In Safest Way

Peeping in other private property or private moments is a crime and who is doing this that person has criminal mind if he can this crime so he can anything that’s why dealing with this type of people might be dangerous so be careful and first of all try to recognize that person if he is known person talk with him or his relatives if the problem solve by discussion it’s good for you and if it doesn’t work you can go for more options like discussion with society leader and in the end go to the police.

If the person is unknown try to know who is he and what motive he has, try to know his history, what type of activities he is habitual of to do, these information help you to determine that how to deal with him. If he does this just for fun you can talk with him and give him warning.

If he has any criminal past so you have to go to police but be careful if you live alone you should take help of someone, any your friend or relative at least inform them that what problem you are facing and what step you are taking, may be police does not take any action without evidence but at least you must inform them.

If anything is not working for you so you should leave your home if you can, if it’s your own house so get out of the scene for some time I know it’s difficult to leave your own house but it’s just for your safety after some time you can come back.

And if you feel it’s not so dangerous for you and he is doing this just for fun so after giving him warning you can close that window permanently like Sana and live tension free.

There were some tips which I wanted to share with you if you have more tips feel free to share with me.


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