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Greatness in the Philippines : Helping the Flood Victims

Updated on July 6, 2014

Tragedy in the Philippines

An unexpected but devastating natural calamity has left metro manila citizens homeless and living in evacuation centers all over metro-manila. The yet unnamed storm the swept the land scape left it's mark by raising water levels from knee high to high enough to engulf cars. Most of the citizens of the calamity that have been affected were relocated and evacuated. There were 60 fatalities and over 2,000,000 families displaced from their homes. (read the full story here)

Greatness - Ordinary People Doing Extra Ordinary Things

I watched a video recently from one of my favorite you-tuber Philip De Franco and he posted a question in his video on what is greatness. Well I've seen greatness in the past week shown by extra ordinary people. From simple citizens, to convicted in mates each and everyone of the Filipino people have shown that indeed there are no limits to greatness. In this article I would like to show you some of these extra ordinary acts of heroism in the Philippines and hope that through their actions and with this article inspire you on acting with selfless greatness.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Digging Out Survivors Buried in Landslide, Quezon City


Don't Forget the Pets


Please Don't Forget Me...


Hearts of Gold.


Love Conquers : "For Better or For Worse"


If You Want to Help Out Here are Some Links Accepting Donations:

Philippine Red Cross

Hope in a Bottle

Links will be populated for those wanting to extend help. Just send me a comment or a private message if you want to add to my list. Thank You.


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