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How to Help the World

Updated on August 6, 2011
Famous Afghan Girl
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The world needs a lot of help: so many people in poverty, so many with chronic diseases, so many women and children abused, and so many threats to the environment. There are lots of ways you can help the world; the question is what kinds of steps that you can take to help the world are compatible with your interests? Here are a number of opportunities for constructive action.

Help Your Family and Friends First

As the saying goes, "charity begins at home." Make sure that your immediate family has the first claim on your time and resources. After that, help any friends in need and you will help the world close by.

Help the Children

Many children both at home and abroad are in need of better care, including medical and dental care, clothing, education, and better nutrition. If helping children is a priority for you there are many opportunities to get involved by donating time or money. If you help children, you help the world and its future.

Help the Poor

Many people are poor through no fault of their own and need help. Whether they are people in your own community or in a developing country, the opportunity to help the world by giving to the poor always seems to be available. Natural disasters and wars alone impoverish many thousands of families every year.

Help the Sick

Whether they are your own relatives or friends, or are people who are alone in the world, the sick need comforting and encouragement. A good way to help the world is to devote some of your time to visiting the sick.

Help the Abused

Few things are sadder than abused children. Abused women are a close second in their need for understanding and help. If you are in a position to aid abused children or women then you will help the world by righting terrible wrongs.

Help the Illiterate

One can hardly enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while illiterate. You can help those who can't read or write but want to learn, either by donating time or by supporting worthwhile programs in your community. This is a great way to help the world.

Help the Environment

Most of us have learned over the years of the universal need to engage in behaviors that aid our common environment. Clean air, clean water, shifting to renewable energy, and reductions in waste benefit everyone. You can help by going green both at home and in the workplace. You will be likely to save money, too.


You can't help everyone; don't burn yourself out trying. Pick your causes carefully and prioritze.


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