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Better candidates, honest candidates.

Updated on July 30, 2016

Are those the best of the best that the parties have for us to vote?

To an everyday person the words “politics” or “politicians” tend to bring up mixed feelings. Very early in our lives we learn that there are certain topic one does not discuss in mixed company. Those taboo topics are religion, sex, and politics.

Now I understand the first two since those are very personal, based on biology and background but why politics? Politics is something that affects everyone equally on daily basis. True, we might follow different parties and ideals but essentially, we all want our politicians to have our best interest at heart and have them represent us, regular citizens in front of the ones that spend our tax money and create laws and policies that we are expected to follow.

Politicians are in charge of our healthcare, education, safety, infrastructure, and everything else in between. We work and pay taxes so that there are systems in place to make our lives easier. Since we are the ones paying for everything, it is not only our right but also our duty to question our leaders. It is our duty to demand transparency, accountability, honesty, decency, and common sense. I think that now more than ever we should demand changes to policies that obviously do not work.

How can we expect our so-called leaders to be on our side if the majority of their funds used for their campaigns are “gracefully” donated by lobbyists’? Large corporations donate huge amounts of money to those campaigns essentially they run this country. Of course we can demand to know exactly who and how much has donated to each candidate but let us be real this is almost impossible. However, there might be an easy solution to that.

According to data from Statista (, n.d.) between March 2014 and March 2015, the unadjusted number of full-time employees in the United States was 119.98 million. If you take every single one of the 119.98 million people and take just 1 dollar in taxes, you will have a $119.98 million dollars. This money should be set aside and once every 4 years it should be distributed evenly between all of our major candidates for now let us begin with those running for presidency.

Before they are allowed to use the money to run, their campaigns there should be few rules.

1. They are not allowed to have any more money, meaning no more fund raising, no more parties, no more schmoozing the rich and famous. Our votes should be the only driving force not money.

2. They are not allowed to own anything that could be used later on as personal items, no private jets, no private busses, no private limos.

3. They have to show exactly how they have spent their “allowances” to the last penny. Anything that is not accounted for will have to be paid back by their parties, overages and shortages alike.

4. They would not have to pay for television time but they would not be allowed to lead negative campaigns.

5. Their daily spending should be made public within 24 hours.

6. They would not be given any money without a draft of their plan for what and how they would improve/change our lives and policies.

Of course this is only a simplified idea for how we might get our politicians to be more honest with us. Perhaps this might be the reason for our parties to present us with the best candidates for the job not best at fund raising. Until then regular citizens will have no faith in our policy makers or our economy. You want us to care, show us that you care about us.

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