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How to Quit Smoking Pot

Updated on August 30, 2009

Back in the old times, it was considered cool to smoke cigarettes or pot. Today even smoking "normal" cigarettes is considered uncool.

In many public spaces it is even forbidden. Cigarette commercials are banned. Pot has already been banned since many years ago.

The problem is that many people who used to smoke and want to quit now for whatever personal reasons, simply can't overcome the addiction - even if they want to quit smoking.

However, quitting smoking pot, or cigarettes for that matter, is possible. Smokers will only need some guidance and, of course, patience and the desire to quit.

Yes, if you already decided to quit, you are already one step closer to success. The question is how to quit smoking pot.

How to Quit Smoking Pot
How to Quit Smoking Pot

You're Almost There!

The second step on your journey is marking a calendar. In this calendar you'll register every day you spend without smoking pot.

At the top of the calender, you'll write why you should quit: uncool, too expensive, bad health, lack of focus and anything that makes you feel bad about smoking pot.

Sure there are many things that will help you accomplishing your goal.

First, through away any pot you might have at your home. Don't give it to friends, smoke your "last" joint or keep it just in case you want to smoke again. Just throw it away - burn your bridges. It is quite difficult to stop smoking weed if it is near you.

If you socialize through pot with friends who also smoke, find other social venue where you can meet new people. Unhappily, this is necessary.

Quitting smoking pot is possible
Quitting smoking pot is possible

Find a Substitute

Associated a habit with other pleasure will only reinforce it. Find a substitute. Here is meant something that is not a drug, of course.

Try some new activity like hiking, surfing, rock climbing or any other sport. If you think they could be too expensive, just think about how much you have already paid for pot.

If you feel terrible without pot, search for professional advise. Many communities have free counseling and education on how to quit smoking pot.

Remember, the first day will always be the worst if you were a regular pot smoker. Taking some aspirins will probably help you ease the pain of withdrawal on this very day.

If you were not a regular smoker, but just a social smoker, smoking with friends every weekend, then it is essential to find some alternative for socializing, as explained above.

In this latter case, the biggest problem is not that you'll feel physically ill, but just the psychological dependency.

Still it's a fight that can be won - today.


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