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How to Solve the Gaza Middle East Problem

Updated on July 28, 2014

According the Bible's Book of Revelation, there will never be peace in the Middle East and wars will continue to broil and simmer until the world has had enough and Armageddon occurs. So, mankind really can do nothing. The hatred and distrust between the Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and other Arab states with Israel, peace will always be a temporary thing.

Assuming Armageddon never occurs, several things can be done but most likely will not. Israel wants security and peace, the only way to insure it is to demilitarize Hamas and Hezbollah, or at least one of them. This would insure that Iran, Qatar, Turkey and others in not providing arms and rockets to either group to attack Israel. This would be a huge and complicated process and hard to monitor and verify and who would do it? Another thing would be to destroy Hamas or Hezbollah, but that is unlikely and if either were, a worse foe may be created.

Gaza would be opened. Egypt should not block transit to and from Gaza, as they do now.This would allow many Palestinians to flee to safety. It does little good for Israel to pre-warn them an attack is imminent if they have nowhere to go. Gaza is small yet highly built up. This is why there are so many innocent deaths especially when Hamas places rockets and weapons near civilian places. The incoming bomb can be precise but if innocents are nearby the explosion radius, expect loss. Palestinians should be allowed to flee by ship or by road. Egypt blocks the road while Israel patrols the coast.

The Palestinian government should divorce itself totally of Hamas influence and show it is willing to oppose it. This is something they seem too weak to do. Any funding sent to Gaza for humanitarian purposes should be tracked and made sure it does not end in terrorists hands as it frequently does now.

Eliminate Hamas. Easier said than done and probably near impossible. The hatred is handed down from one generation to another and highly prejudiced. Even if you destroyed Hamas, there is still Iran and Hezbollah next door in Lebanon, Syria and ISIS.When Iran does get a nuclear bomb, and they will, you can be sure Israel will be the first to receive it. Then, Israel will use theirs.

Everything seems to have no solution to it and all leads to Armageddon.


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