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How to Be Informed about Current Events, Politics, Etc. for Kids

Updated on December 14, 2017
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As a kids' author of a lovely girl who has given her two darling grandchildren, she learned neat life lessons she desires to share with you!

Kids Involved in the Political Process Are More Aware of Current Events.
Kids Involved in the Political Process Are More Aware of Current Events. | Source

Teach Your Kids About Responsibility

Children are people too, and it's best to keep them informed of what is going on in the world since they can genuinely sense what is going on around them. An election year is a perfect opportunity to teach your children about politics and current events, by including them in conversations and engaging them in everyday activities. Eventually, you can get your youngster relatively involved in searing news matters too.

Start small when introducing political concepts. Your children will be able to build on over time. Encourage them to campaign for a class or school office that teaches leadership roles and the process of getting elected.

Persuade your children to read juvenile literature like biographies and fiction, such as, "Woodrow for President," by Cheryl Barnes, or historical works. This will sharpen their thinking of governmental affairs. It’s also a joy to have children become a member of a kid-friendly political website that delivers student news. This will further their understanding of politics and current events.

Next, you could start with what responsibility is, and how important is the job of a president. After some time, you can discuss the distinctive types of governments (democracy, socialism, dictatorship, and communism), and ask your children to think about how our government is different from the governments of other countries and nations. This can lead you to get started in an amazing conversation. Take your children to the voting poll too, so they see firsthand how the process is running.

Help Your Children Realize How Government Affects Their Lives

Help your children realize how government affects their everyday lives by having a political discussion, or debate about a familiar topic, such as, the construction of more playgrounds in their neighborhood, or exploring clean fuel emissions. The ones like the hot new water car that was recently tested will start an interesting conversation.

Comfortably get your children to expand their minds by thinking and asking stacks of questions to solve a particular issue. You should have your children understand how our government regulation of money affects their everyday lives. Such as the money they need to ride a city bus, or why the price of an overdue library book and stamp continues to increase. Recently stamp prices were reduced! Explain in simple terms why it happened and how our U.S. government owes trillions to foreign countries.

Recently stamp prices were reduced! Explain in simple terms why it happened and how our U.S. government owes trillions to foreign countries. When the price of gasoline drops the price of food in grocery stores tend to drop as well, cause it cost less to transport.

Political Savvy Kids Are Needed in Today's Unpredictable  World.
Political Savvy Kids Are Needed in Today's Unpredictable World. | Source

Get Involved in School Activities

Get involved with kid's social studies or history class activities. And watch the local news with your children from time to time. Remember to be the first one to discuss what is happening around him. Allow your children to see you reading the newspaper and allow them to see how they can ultimately change things. This’ll give your kids the ultimate power to cast his vote on issues when he eventually turns eighteen one day.

You can encourage your youngster to write a letter to your city’s congressmen or even the president of the United States regarding a biased dilemma. He could inquire about how he might change things to turn a pressing situation around.

Conversely, have them write a thank-you note to an incumbent. They could be thankful for their discussion of a marked change or take a stand for something that is morally right. Children normally receive a response from local and state officials. This will persuade them to remain clued-up on current events.

Be consistent with being a role model and mentor for your children. Plan day trips on days off, to a historical museum and a local government site. There your children can meet with representatives and voice their opinion about important matters that influence them.

Get your children to participate in community volunteer programs, especially during an election year. You may get involved by assisting your child to distribute neighborhood mailings, buttons, and literature, or campaign signs.

You will positively influence your child, who is the next generation of voters to be currently aware, so he can cast an intelligent vote that is sure to make a marked change.

Raising a politically minded child is always a great idea that produces responsible and savvy thinking.

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

    Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

    Nice hub. You are right--We must provide the right kind of awareness among children, from the very young age. If they see their parents being involved, they would also take interest. After all their views are going to matter in future, in the task of nation building.

    Thanks for sharing this useful hub.