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What You NEED TO KNOW To Be A Good Liberal!

Updated on April 2, 2014

Principles of Argumentative Discussion

In lieu of any facts, there are certain key words and phrases approved by the liberal hierarchy that should be used to support any argument. The expression of these "verbal paragons" when combined with “repetition,” will represent the free-form style of debate know as the "Principles of Argumentative Discussion" developed and advocated by the educational and congressional liberal elitists!

Rule I: Never have a point to your argument.
Rule 2: State your assertion using any of the approved "Key Words and Phrases listed below," or make up some of your own.
Rule 3: Disregard anything the opposition says and continue talking.
Rule 4: Go to Rule 1 and begin again.

The following "words and phrases" should be liberally, excuse the pun, used when presenting or rebutting an argument:

Racist, fascist, homophobe, ugly, ultra-conservative, vast right-wing conspiracy, religious right, quagmire, dumb, stupid, call for the resignation of, intolerant, uncaring, the horror. oh the horror, we have to raise taxes, that would be tax cuts for the rich, raise taxes for the rich, I feel your pain, freedom of speech—only to be used when supporting your point of view, a woman's right to choose, safe sex, okay for underage abortions without parental consent or notification, what's wrong with abortion anyway?, free condoms and sex education for elementary school children, it was only about sex, I support virtual pedophilia, who needs a family anyway? I support the permutation of traditional marriage with the “modern concept” of same sex marriages, why do I have to take responsibility for anything?, guns not people cause crime, we shall overcome, the Republican war machine, the Republican attack dogs, MSNBC is fair and balanced, that depends on what the meaning of is is, I didn't inhale, Obamacare is good for the country, I am not a Socialist, you can keep your same doctor, your insurance premiums will decrease, save the environment, global warming or if that initiates a roll of the eyes you can always claim Climate Change as nature's response to man’s reckless abandonment of environmental conservation, carbon footprint, there should be a breathing tax because humans exhale carbon dioxide, public funding for research of alternative energy sources, we're only their because of the oil, we must reduce the size of our military, John Kerry is a hero, Bill Clinton was the greatest U.S. President since Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton is not ruthless and power mad, Nancy Pelosi does make sense, Harry Reid is an intelligent person, Barbra Lee does know other words besides racist, Vice President Biden is not an obnoxious buffoon, and let us not forget, when all else fails: It's all Bush's fault!

Remember to be creative. It doesn’t matter what you say all that matters is how you say it and how many times it is repeated.

Repetition and Truth

To borrow a phrase, "Nothing succeeds like excess." As good liberals, our mission is to besmirch and denigrate all adversaries! Our assault should always "assassinate the character of the opposition." This avenue of attack gives us license to be most creative, but remember the key to success in this venture, is Repetition! Our friends, the news and information media, all well versed in this art, will, at a moments notice, lend their support by unleashing a torrential downpour of unsubstantiated and derogatory attacks that would engender the praise of Muslim fundamentalists here and abroad!

Now I would like to introduce the liberal meaning of truth, which states that, truth is defined by "who" says it and by "how many times that something is said!" With that in mind, we can use "truth" as a weapon. Its ammunition: unnamed sources, fabrication, exaggerated importance, repetitive babble, distortion of actual events, meaningless interviews, and spiteful accusations. When the smoke clears, we can be assured that a segment of society will always consider and accept what we have said. This acceptance may give us the edge we need to maintain our presence.

"Let me say this again, and again, and again, and again, and again....
"Let me say this again, and again, and again, and again, and again....

The Liberal Manifesto

''The simplicity of ignorance and how to propagate the egalitarian concepts of fairness through social promotion, sexual debauchery, hypocrisy, and relational non-commitment while maintaining a fascist state of intolerance and duplicity. "

This is our code! We are the heirs to a culture that we must pass down to our descendents! If we truly want to control the coming One World Government, aka the New World Order, then we must place our people in the most powerful positions! We must defame our political foes, maintain our media dominance and promote the propagation of our educational facilities until we sway and procure that percentage of the population that still thinks for themselves! To accomplish our ends we must demand of ourselves strict adherence to the Principles of Argumentative Discussion.

We must rewrite history and change the language to reflect a more compassionate social being only then can we exploit those that we have so benevolently chosen to save. Through thought filtration and social engineering we will change the world! Year after year we must rehash the same political rhetoric to the feeble and short lived memories of our constituents until those of the new generations come of age responding gleefully to the conditioning of our educational institutions, and let us not forget our friends, the Hollywood Commandos, whose mission it is to support our cause with their illustrious wisdom, we must also sanction guilt free pleasure seeking and irresponsible behavior and reverse the role of victim and perpetrator.

Our leaders must gain elected office by any means possible instituting and funding social programs, through creative taxation, that redistribute the wealth of the lower-classes. These programs accomplish little, but they do create a dependency that we as liberators use to remain in control. We envision a glorious society segregated by racial and cultural disharmony which we can exploit to expand our potential for political opportunism. Therefore, we must continue to preserve this aristocracy! It is our only hope for survival! God and morality are dead and we must keep it that way!

Long may our Liberal Manifesto live!

We must convince the working class that our benefactors sympathize with their pain and their struggles. The commonality of the hardship of the proletariat does not go unnoticed! It is our lot in life to create this powerful image. We must let them know that we will champion their cause and we will end this terrible inequity! We must demand from others what we do not demand from ourselves. We must stand at the coffers of public funds and end this horror, this unfairness; we must unceasingly strive to subdue that which has caused this terrible injustice: traditional morality and the traditional concepts of family life!

Division is the only answer! For in division there is unity! This… is the foundation of Modern Liberalism!

Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader


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    • Wickramshingle profile image

      Wickramshingle 3 years ago from East Coast

      Thanks wba108 for your comment. The liberal mentally is such that it defeats itself with it's own hypocrisy while filling it's ranks with indoctrinated hoards of the uninformed.

    • profile image 3 years ago from upstate, NY

      Brilliant! An excellent description of modern liberalism. Liberals would be a hilarious joke to me if they actually were't taken seriously, tragically they are to the shame of this country.

      Ann Coulter said that liberalism can be best understood as a mob and this seems very true to me. They use shallow rhetoric, repetition and slogans to replace rational and principled thought. Glaring inconsistencies and contradictions are dismissed by these liberal mobs that have worked themselves into a frenzy. The immature and immoral are flattered and exploited by the political opportunists manipulating these mobs like puppets on a string.