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How to defend yourself - Going All the Way

Updated on March 21, 2012

When Justice is Blind, should you try to tip the scales in your favor?


How far would you go to defend yourself?

In asking the question how far would you go to defend yourself most would answer, all the way. Once realizing what ‘all the way’ entails some would give up rather quickly, wanting for some normalcy. Yes, it does happen. Then there are others who will truly go ‘all the way’ in defense of themselves, their families, and their livelihood. Those who will go the distance usually have support from somewhere to keep them encouraged. In this Hub we will discuss just one aspect of what can be done when you go all the way to defend yourself.

The Defendant

A dear friend within the community has been charged with some pretty serious crimes, heinous in most circles, certainly nothing new, according to the News. In following this particular case, quite a few friends have discovered that although they are in support of the defendant, they have decided not to declare themselves as supporters to the public. This doesn’t mean they won’t be there to testify on his behalf; it just means they won’t be at all the court appearances, speaking out on the News, or making any public statements. That is, until the time comes.

Courts A thru Z

Modern technology has changed the way people are able to view the world, but some things haven’t changed. The law is still the law. Someone makes an accusation, someone believes you’re guilty, and someone must bring charges against you. The A – Z part differs in every case. A – Means you’ve been arrested, Z – is your day in Court. The steps in between are numerous and wearing on any individual. Some folks make it stop at C. B – That doesn’t count; it’s your arraignment and everyone gets one. C – Is where you plead either not guilty or guilty. From there on it’s a toss-up of what happens in Court.

The distortion happens very early

The job of the Prosecutor is to prove your guilt. I thought it used to mean they were searching for the truth; it is possible, in some cases with some Prosecutors, that is what happens. From what we have witnessed within our little Community, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The cause and effect of some supporters began very early on in this case, let me explain.

When the News reported early on the charges, then additional information was also reported, some of the supporters proclaimed loud and proud these things were lies. There were other supporters who sat back and watched in horror at what was being reported. Not horror that what was being said could possibly be true, but in complete horror because of the lies that were being told via the News. Certain things they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that were not true, were being reported. It was at that time they decided NOT to declare themselves as supporters.

It was very quickly decided that ‘someone’ was giving information to the press. That someone was the Prosecution’s office. In order for the crime to be ‘heinous’ and get a guilty verdict, at times the Prosecution will report to the press that an arrest has been made. They will have the press come at the time of the arraignment to get the worst possible picture of the defendant, hair all mussed and sometimes dressed in ‘County Orange’. It has been since discovered that just prior to going on camera in front of the judge, the defendant’s hair is mussed on the premise of looking for weapons. The defendant is generally in handcuffs and in belly chains so they are unable to smooth the hair. This picture will be used for the remainder of the trial when reports on the News happen.

When your opponent controls the game

Those quiet supporters are realizing that this game is not being played on a fair field. The Prosecution has the ball, it’s their field, they are the ones who have provided the referee’s and the ‘away team’s cheerleaders’ are beginning to be shot down one by one. Those that were the loudest began to be investigated right away; some were even brought up on charges. Some supporters were arrested, only to be released after a fee was paid.

The Prosecution did call in a few people for questioning, those who are in support of the defendant. It was at that time that a few odd things were noticed. First there were two notebooks. A question would be asked; the answer would be separated into the notebook. Part of the answer would be written in one the other part written in the second one. The same question would be asked then reiterated in a different manner. When the response that was given would not be what was wanted, the question was spun in a different manner and twisted. The answers were not what were desired for prosecution.

Guilt by Association?

What is the ulterior motive behind the Prosecution? We still aren’t quite positive. We do know that those ‘loud and proud’ supporters are still being harassed. Their lives are being turned inside out looking for ways to discredit them as witnesses. Truly, in the eyes of those who would prosecute, it doesn’t take much to discredit someone. Being related to or just knowing someone who has committed prior crimes is enough to make those witnesses guilty by association, and at the very least making improper choices, therefore not credible.

Those supporters who are quiet and sitting on the sidelines do not wish to have their lives investigated. They have chosen to remain quiet and to appear non-committal for the sole purpose of being able to retain their dignity while living their lives, until the time comes they are called in to do the honor of helping to prove the innocence of their friend.

Innocent until proven Guilty?

In this Great United States we live in, part of our Constitution in our Bill of Rights, it states that all are ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. In a Court of Law that may be true. In the eyes of the public, this is not necessarily the case. Many lives have been ruined by accusations, even when found not guilty in a Court of Law. The eyes of the public are less forgiving and last a lot longer. To have so many standing up for one person has to say a lot about the person, particularly when charged with a crime such as this. Even more important are those who are sitting quietly in the wings, waiting.

Many of you have seen people who are charged with crimes on the News, seen their pictures splashed across the screen and think to yourself “That is horrible! What is the world coming to?” Most of you will have forgotten such stories by the next day, or maybe in a year or two wonder what ever happened to that person. Unless it is a big case that catches the attention of National media, the progress of the case will not even make it to the News.

Acceptable to Lie (if you are on the 'right side' of the Law)

It is the job of the Prosecution to do just that, prosecute. We have seen that it is perfectly acceptable to lie, to distort the truth when speaking out against someone. Those who do the Prosecuting can speak to the press and state whatever they see fit. Personally, I believe the purpose of this is that the News will reach a prospective juror and taint their way of thinking before they are ever called to duty. Even in an opening statement to a jury, an Attorney can state anything they wish. It’s all about the proof during the trial.

Should this have gone on so long? Those who support this person do not believe it should have. Those who support the victim believe otherwise. The cost of this is not just monetary; it is wearing and tearing on the psyche. It is wearing and tearing on the family of the accused. The damage that has been done can never be completely healed, but with hope it can be repaired. Who is the real victim in this case; the accuser who has admitted to lying and was asked to continue lying (by the Prosecution)? Or, is it the person whose life is forever changed by the accusations?

Those that are sitting by waiting will get the opportunity to say their peace in front of a jury and will know that their words may help bring about an acquittal. They will say what they have to say quietly and leave without any fanfare. These people do not expect anything from anyone other than to be left alone by the evil that has been attacking those on the frontlines.

Trolls like to be involved too!

In this case the accused, as well as the supporters have attracted a stalker/troll. This person has devoted his entire life to stalking the accused. Those who do support openly have had their lives investigated, going so far as to search out criminal records of supporters. For those records he cannot find, he makes them up, standing by his sources posting these for the world to see on the Internet. What is the problem with this? I will just list a few;

  1. Those that he has incorrect he has associated their names with an incorrect criminal history.
  2. For those who do have a criminal history may have changed, yet now this is brought to light again.
  3. Is there a reason to cause embarrassment?
  4. Could this cause problems in the future for employment?

Granted, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is perfectly legal, and all criminal records are available to the public, does this mean it should be done? Does this mean just because you can do something, you should?

This Troll is harassing the families of the supporters as well, not being content to harass the individual. This has been the main reason those who are supportive have decided to sit back and remain quiet. They have others within their lives they need to protect from not only inspection but the notoriety as well. Facebook is a great medium for connecting and making or joining groups. Yet, when a troll or stalker decides you are in their sites, life can be made very difficult. You can make a few choices, not vocalize your beliefs or do so and suffer the consequences. You can try to make your social outlet as private as possible and take the chance your comments will not be noticed. You could stop commenting altogether and remain silent. Whatever you choose it will be your choice and one you should be comfortable with.

Pick your Battle

For those of you who have experienced or are experiencing something such as this, you may have to pick your position. Decide if your life can uphold the scrutiny; decide if you can withstand the examination that most certainly will happen should you declare yourself a supporter of an accused. You also may remain silent and be content knowing that the day will come and you will be called to take your place on the stand, where finally, you get to have your say in the matter. If you feel the need and are able, let the accused know that you are standing behind them and are supportive but do not wish to go public with your support. It will be greatly appreciated.

Question, question, question

Many times someone is accused of a crime that is not guilty, should those who know this person just stand by and wait for the outcome? Should those who know this person speak out on behalf of them? On a daily basis, it seems that I am reminded that we, as citizens of this Nation, need to voice our opinions. We need to constantly question authority, why? You need to, because ‘Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’ (Lord Action). When we give absolute power to those in higher authority, we are giving up our freedoms. The words of wisdom that came from those before us still holds true today. All that is necessary for evil to prosper is for a good person to do nothing (Edmund Burke).

Many way to defend yourself - this is just one

When defending yourself and you know with every fiber of your being that you are not guilty of the crime with which you are accused, there are many lengths you will go to in defending yourself. Enlisting in the help of those who know, and believe in you is just one of the many ways you can begin to defend yourself. Know this; when defending yourself and going all the way, the road will be bumpy and rough. At times you may feel like giving up, but in the long run you are your BEST defender. Those who stand with you in your defense, either quietly or loudly will be in it for the long haul as well.


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    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan

      It's funny you should use those particular words... After one of the Court dates when those of us who support this person all showed up, the County Prosecutor decided to get on the News and make a statement. In part of his statement he used a similar quote (well that as well as something regarding a turnip truck)..

      We have discovered (and yes accused) the Prosecution of misconduct due to their actions and behaviors. The Attorney General has taken over the case. In this we believe our friend will now get a fair trial.

      I think you have read enough of my writings to have a general idea of who I am and what I am about, I would not jump into this lightly nor without some soul searching. There would have to be some sort of evidence or reason that I would want or need to defend someone accused of a crime such as this.

      Should you (or any of my friends who comment from here on) be approached on your Hubs and in your comment section and my name is used in a derogatory manner, 'PLEASE do a screen shot', save it to your computer and email me, using the HubPages manner. I will use it to build my case of stalking that I spoke of in this Hub.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 6 years ago from south Florida

      I can only guess at the discomfort, to put it mildly, this event is causing you, susie, and other supporters of the individual in question. 'Right is not always might,' but in this case I do fervently hope justice for the accused triumphs.

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 6 years ago from Michigan

      For being my first commenter you get the prize!! A really BIG THANK YOU!!

    • Capedium profile image

      Ov Overo 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      This is very expository..


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