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How to enforce

Updated on March 31, 2015

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Beginning of the Road

Well, where do you start on a topic such as this. It's a hard one to discuss and bring to light, but given my recent run in with the police in my town (moving toward a dismiss) I felt like discussing it. There are problems in every city or towns department. But what you have to think about is, is it being fixed. I live in a smaller town where people tend to know each other. I have in the past been in some trouble in a short amount of time so the department know myself and my family. Not to say I know them, but they do know our name. Hopefully in a better light. Anyway, having trouble in my apartment building, you know the younger person not following the rules. She has chosen to target me and make my stay rough. Getting back on my feet is hard enough and I had chose not to allow it.

Checks and Balances


So to continue with me not allowing this person to target me in her fun of childish behavior, I called the police. The police were out here numerous times asking her to please keep the noise down, but nothing was done, because they could not catch her with the violation. So she continued and bullying me. Finally, I called angry and was arrested on a charged with a false report from a department Dispatch person ( with an attitude) that I am sure was tired of my calls. Even though every time I would apologize about having to have an officer just come out to ask her to keep the music and noise down. Waste of time.

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Well, I wrote this hub because I wanted to talk about some things with this recent issues in my life. But, I started with wanting to say something about How the law is used and enforced. In my town it is know in the community that there are some officers that have problems with how they choose to enforce the LAW. Some officers in this town are a little on the mean and rough side and try to use that they have to be that way. I am and 80's child and I know with out evidence that brutal force of any kind is not the way to get your people to listen. I always believed and was told the type of officer you are to your community is what you get back from it. Judgement is the key to proper enforcement and backlash in being a law enforcement officer. But, please do not take this as a right to hurt or bother your department. Their jobs are hard enough.


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