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How to fix us.

Updated on July 9, 2012

I'm disgusted.

I'm tired of the overwhelming greed in the country that I put my life on the line for. It's evident everywhere you go, glaring from every news report. Rising demand of stockholders for a higher price. The loss of jobs by industry, not because the market can't take it, but because saving the salary makes the executives get another bonus. The constant overloading of workers, who are too afraid of losing their jobs in this 'fragile' economy to stand up for what should be basic rights.

Take for example the engineer who's clocking 60 hours a week, because that's what's expected. No thought of his family, no thought of his well being, but because there are so many people looking for a job. If he works only forty hours then he will be replaced. It's not just engineers, it's everyone.

Take for example the single mother working three part time jobs for minimum wage, for three different multibillion dollar industries, because if they keep her part time then they don't have to pay for benefits for her. Never mind the fact that she can't buy anything at the place she works, that all of their clothes come from goodwill and that even working three jobs she needs food stamps to feed her children.

The massive superstore who's hire packets include applications for food stamps and government assistance, because they don't pay a living wage. They posted 15.4 billion in profits last year, a profit margin of almost 28%. Great for stockholders, kinda shitty for the rest of us. I don't shop there anymore, but honestly it's an inconvenience, there aren't many options.

When will we learn. When will we see that we can't put profits ahead of people. That when we drive people into the dirt they come up slinging mud.

I'm tired of a government that wants to put their fingers into every single aspect of my life. I don't need you to tell me what I can buy, when I can buy it, or how to raise my kids. The government is supposed to be there to help us, but where's the real help.

I'm scared of my government these days, scared of the people who are supposed to help us. I hear every single day of another abuse of power by those in charge. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the few out there to protect and serve. I have absolute respect for people risking their lives to fight fires, rescue the injured, and chase the criminals. I just don't see much of that going on.

What I see instead is police beating and worse those who don't automatically fall down and bow to them. Let me put it this way, I know that I'm only a step away from getting beaten, not because I'm a lawbreaker, but because I refuse to stand for injustice. If I see the police tasering an eighty year old woman, I'm going to aid her not them. If I see people getting their rights trampled on then I will be the one standing up for them. It's the way I was raised.

Where I come from, if someone needs help, then you give it to them.

I'm mostly disgusted by our loss of freedom. I read a news report today about a couple in New York that was arrested for the heinous crime of dancing. That's right. Dancing. We all know what troubles come from that risky activity. If you don't just watch the movie footloose. It will let you know all about it.

I'm tired of politicians that are completely out of step with their voters. I'm disgusted by having to choose which one will screw the country less. Sick of millions of dollars being spent on getting a job that pays four hundred thousand dollars a year. I'm tired of only getting to pick from the ones who spend the most.

It's time for a revolution in this country. Before you get your panties in a wad, I'm not talking about an armed revolt. I love what my country should stand for. The principles we were founded on were freedom, liberty, and justice. I want us to return to that.

It doesn't matter who you love, just that you love. Get over the issues of same sex marriage and get under the fact that we have starving people.

Get over trying to regulate what people can do to their own bodies, and get under creating jobs that pay a living wage, and let you still have time to enjoy the money you make.

Get over trying to push your views on what people should be doing and how they should be living, and get under the helping them live.

Your life isn't defined by the money you make, it's defined by your choices. If you are an executive and you put the bottom line over the well being of your employees, then you are the problem. If you are a worker who won't stand up for what's right, then you are the problem.

We need to refocus, to find solutions to these problems. Lets fund research into better power solutions. Let's stop paying people to not grow food, and start paying them to grow it for the betterment of the nation, and the planet as a whole. Let's stop raping the earth for what we know will run out and start figuring out how to be better stewards of this planet.

This turned into more of a rambling rant that I originally intended, I'm just so frustrated that common sense isn't common anymore.

Collectively we can fix this. It's not that hard, it's been done before. Do you think the boom in the ninety's just happened. No. We had a real leader then, not an infallible one by any means, Iran-Contra, the debacle in Nicaragua. No one would argue these were brilliant ideas. Creating millions of jobs and pulling us out of a recession, that was.

I for one want us to be everything that we should be. I realize that I'm idealistic, that my goals are unreasonable. How can I suggest that we rely less on the stock market, and more on our own savings. How can I suggest that we feed the hungry and heal the sick. How dare I suggest that we can take care of these problems, they are too big.

They are, without a doubt, too big for us to tackle alone. There is no one person who will make this right, it will take all of us working together. It will take putting aside prejudice, and loving your fellow man even when you don't agree with them.

It will take sacrifice, but it can be done.


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    • Jeremy Pittman profile image

      Jeremy Pittman 5 years ago from walker la

      thank you for your comments

    • Maustus profile image

      Maustus 5 years ago from Kelowna, BC

      Well written.

    • Volitans profile image

      Volitans 5 years ago from Seattle

      Well said. We need more people like you and fewer that want to give tax breaks to millionaires.