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How to know if a woman wants you

Updated on May 14, 2012

There is a lady in your life and you wonder if she likes you? There are so many signals that women use to make you aware of the fact they are interested. They use signals to see if you respond positively so they won't get rejected, but most of the time they do it inadvertently.

FIXING HAIR If a girl sees you and she starts fixing her hair, it means she is trying to look her best for you. She wants to look her best for you because you look so good to her. She could also fix her outfit or start checking in the mirror how she looks just because you walked in the room.

NERVOUSNESS If a woman gets nervous around you it is because she like you. If she talks louder than normal or smiles for long periods of time, you are in like Flynn.

QUESTION TENNIS If you ask a woman a question and she answers then ask you the same question, she is into you. A dead giveaway is if a woman volunteers private information to you and you barely know her. Another thing you can take note of is her enthusiasm to hear what you have to say.

LONG GAZE If you catch a woman looking at you with a smirk on their face, or just staring that is a biological giveaway. If you have ever locked eyes with a girl and for like three seconds you two are into each other. Lions stare at zebras.

SEXUAL INFORMATION When you are talking to a woman and the subject matter of the coversation turns sexual, asks yourself a question. "Why is it appropriate for me to know what she is telling me?" I call it product placement. When you are the target you get advertised to with the qualities of a product. For example in a McDonalds commercial with all black people you can assume they are the target. Commercials have their target audience in the commercial advocating the product. Women only want to talk about sex to the people they want to have sex with pretty much, especially one on one conversations.

ISOLATION If there is a lady you like and she is willing to be alone with you, she is interested. No lady wants to be alone with a guy they are not attracted to by choice. If a woman wants to hang out and its just you and her you should be confident that you have a chance.

TOUCHING Another biological giveaway, the human brain loves stimulation. All of the senses stimulate the brain, that is why it helps your chances to look good, feel good, smell good and speak well. If you do those things you have stimulated a woman on all fronts. She has a visual reference to how attractive you are and your smell furthermore embeds you into her thoughts.

In conclusion I could say so much but I'm married. Everyday I see women signal their interests in me and I play dumb and pretend I am oblivious. It seems like once you have someone you become more desirable, because you become a challenge I presume. To make my wife happy I will continue to live in denial each day, so my wife won't think that other women want me. The problem is that she is a woman, and women recognize signals a million times better than men, so she is all too aware.


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    • profile image

      Lybrah 5 years ago

      Really good hub. Dead on!

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 5 years ago from California

      Thanks for the tips, Carlos. I'll try to remember them in the coming months and years. Hey! Later!