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How to remove mass illiteracy

Updated on January 8, 2013

What is the benefit of literacy?

Illiteracy is compared to darkness. All the great men of the world lay emphasis on literacy. Remove of illiteracy is a must from every society. The problem of illiteracy in Bangladesh is very acute which needs immediate solution.

Meaning of illiteracy: Illiteracy is opposite to literacy. When there is the lack of literacy, it is known as illiteracy. An illiterate person is a burden to society as he consumes national wealth but contributes nothing to the nation.

Its cause: Its causes are manifold. But it is prime causes is poverty. The poverty-stricken people who are unable to earn their living cannot think of sending their kids to schools to receive education. Apart from this superstition and ignorance add to this problem to a great extent. The ignorant and superstitious people consider it unnecessary to educate their female children.

How to remove illiteracy: The curse of illiteracy can not be removed from society overnight. Primary education is the basis of all education. Primary should be made compulsory. The poor parents are not able to send their children to school because of poverty. They should be provided with financial assistance so that they can send their children to school. The sending of the female children to school should be made mandatory. Night schools may be set up in villages so that toiling masses and elderly people can receive education at night. The students of educational institutions should teach their illiterate neighbors.

Utility of literacy movement: Only the government can not solve the problem of illiteracy alone. In this connection, a concerted effort is needed. The conscious people of the society should come forward to make the people aware of the value of literacy. For this purpose, a literacy campaign may be launched to make the people conscious to send their kids to schools. This sort of campaign will play a pivotal role to reduce illiteracy rate from society.

Education is sweet and light. This light should be given to all irrespective caste, creed, color, gender and religion. So the removal of illiteracy is a must. If the measures discussed above are taken, illiteracy will disappear shortly. The government should give top priority to the removal of illiteracy.


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      Pronil bora 11 days ago

      What will we do to remove illiteracy

    • profile image

      Sharad 2 years ago

      Very use full to me

    • profile image

      payal 2 years ago

      thank you for helping me for the project..... my teachers are impressed by me coz of this matter

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      praise 4 years ago

      a useful and society welfare-based info