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How to respond to provocation

Updated on December 7, 2014

Answer a Poke with a Joke

All these racial issues we are having lately seem to be feeding a justified public outrage.

Maybe this is the idea? Provoke minorities? Sprinkle some salt over some wounds and then stir? Let's see what happens. Maybe this is how to get under the President's skin?

Yes, I know I am paranoid, as usual but no matter if this gut feeling of mine is right or wrong, I strongly believe there is only one right way to respond to it: Organized, peaceful, intelligent.


What's the best response to an attack?

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Disarm, no harm

"In a society with as many firearms as citizens, it seems the police feel like they're in a constant state of war."

Yeah, the arms race. Meanwhile kids get shot in schools and parks.

How about we try something new? Fighting the gun lobby would be a good start.

What could possibly be wrong with having tighter background-checks?

Interesting divide

Please note that there is a majority among "non-whites" in favor of stricter gun laws.
Please note that there is a majority among "non-whites" in favor of stricter gun laws. | Source

Close the race gap in police for more justice and peace

According to the New York Times the percentage of whites n hundreds of police departments across the country is more than 30 percentage points higher than in the communities they serve, according to an analysis of a government survey of police departments. Minorities make up a quarter of police forces, according to the 2007 survey, the most recent comprehensive data available. Experts say that diversity in the police force increases a department’s credibility with its community. “Even if police officers of whatever race enforce the law in relatively the same way, there is a huge image problem with a department that is so out of sync with the racial composition of the local population,” said Ronald Weitzer, a sociologist at George Washington University.


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