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How To Speak Or Write About A Current/Former President Of The United States.

Updated on January 29, 2017
Does your public venting come across like this?
Does your public venting come across like this? | Source

Try and picture your self in this scenario. You just got a position that you had been trying hard to get or worse yet you have been working long and hard to do everything neccesary to fulfill your duties to a position in which you have obtained some time before. You feel wonderful to have been bestowed such an honor. You dream of all the things you can accomplish and all that you will be able to do for your fellows effected by your position. But, there is a problem. Negative people saying out of the way negative things lace the papers and all forms of media. You wake up to the awful disrespectful things people are thinking and saying every day, right beside you latest accomplishment. Some times these rants and raves from your peers and assumed a majority, logically so in voting, to be supporters over shadow the accomplishment of the previous days of weeks.

Collective Terrorism

You see a negative word and the passion that someone who is maddened with loss of control and respect is loud. It ripples in the air waves in the same faction as it feels inside of them. They let this out in a conscious/unconscious attempt to share this.

Often the negative writers, the perpetuators, do not take the time to think of what they write as someone one who is not distracted by wasted emotions does. Only letting pain pour from them on to others.

In my opinion as a collective allowing ourselves one after another to write and be heard and be published in such a disrespective manner is a terror. A collective terrorism against the men that we as a democratic nation chooses to represent us, take care of us.

I am ashamed to see that we feel it alright or appropriate to do so.

I am going to admit I am angry my self now. But I am trying to hold that inside and be constructive. Do I want a picture of my self on the internet shaking my finger, mic in front of me, with a big frowny face on. Titled writer against the loosed tongued population in the United States of America. Do you all that support those sorts of media representation feel the same about it after waking every day to see a new writer against YOU? While you are of course trying to just do the best you can and maybe you are mad a little that day because your dad has went to jail for doing a crime, such as the case with "Blogojevich" is that his family name? Crime, politics, is he foreign?

I guess what I am trying to say is maybe we should take a page out of Amy's book. We should, but respectfully, stand behind our superiors and give them our support fully, humbly, and respectfully. How stupid must it look to the world when we can not do so. How disfunctional must we become before the Nations of the World do not give us the respect we deserve and then who are you going to be hoping can dig us out of the mess.

Our leader and Chief, the President of the Great United States!

"Not as divided as we seem" Barack Obama.


Together quit terrorising your selves and leaders. The terrorists do that while you sit on your comfy couches hoping that and/or fully believing you are safe.... at no cost of blood on your hands.

Just because you do not know a guy does not mean he is bad.

  • You will get used to your new President. Most of you elected him. Respect your neighbors right to vote and leave your pointless venting out of the news.
  • Individuality in leadership, I believe is one thing that makes this country great. How many of you believe that you just could never make it as president because you would never fit in that box. That is just not American. A persons personality does not make or break a president. It is what he is capable of achieving and the belief we have in him to give him that chance that makes a great president.

I will respect whatever comes out of this presidency. The most of you do the same. Whether you are from the C.I.A.,against anti illegal immigration, Kery O'grady (who seems to believe that taking bullets for the President in her line of work is optional if you believe that "the pussy" comment originated out of the mouth of President Trump and was not actually a comment originally made by Clinton in regards to her daughter, evident amongst twitter at the end of last year). Was that video blotched? .....or you just don't like the look of his wife. You still have to:

R-E-S-P-E-C-T our President.


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