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How trump lost the election

Updated on September 18, 2016

Eight years ago the Republican Party began to fracture. Senator John McCain and the republican establishment occupied the facade of the party, while Sarah Palin and future tea party members were the new incarnate of the hard right.

Democrats and liberals voted for change, some still await that change. Obama, some contended was a star not a politician.

There was well documented anger and resentment in our country. During our last presidential election, Citizens, democrats, republicans, independents, liberals and conservatives were grasping for change. Any candidate in opposition to past normalcy was attractive. This holds true eight years later.

Donald Trump was a reality TV star. He was and still is entertaining. Regardless of his behavior, people will tune in for the Donald.

Trump, underestimated his popularity, while desperate for the conservative white vote. Trump appealed to the most extreme elements of the new conservative movement. His early characterizations of Latinos as murderers, rapists and criminals alienated this growing demographic while further cementing his hard right base.

Trump claims that a bad ear piece prevented him from understanding Jake Tappers question about David Duke (the former Klan leader) this "technical difficulty" surely cost him black votes and the other half of the Spanish speaking population….Hispanics. Surely other minorities took notice of this and Donald Trump’s other race related political gaffs.

His “then” belief about punishing women who went through an abortion procedure was seen as barbaric even by the right wing. The female vote has evolved so long ago from this topic, that to revisit abortion with such a crude statement, begs the question of his views on gender equality. Mr Trump’s objectification of women and his constant opinions of women’s bodies is so regressive and disconnected from the millennial generation, that has he again, severed himself from yet another critical electoral demographic.

Had independents been allowed to cast ballots in all states during the democratic primaries, there is a strong chance that Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton would be the nominee of the Democratic Party. Again, Bernie sanders, represents the change that most Americans are longing for......something different.

Everyone wants to feel secure and desires an intuitive anti terrorism program that is efficient. Donald Trump could have easily suggested a more detailed vetting process for refugees entering our country. Banning a certain group of people from entering our country goes against its very founding. On this front, coupled with the head shaking exchange that he ventured into with the Khan family, Trump lost another faction of the voting public.

Since last year Donald Trump has contended one absolute truth, the republican establishment has turned against him. He is viewed as another black eye for the party that elected George bush and chose Sarah Palin as a vice presidential running mate for then republican presidential candidate John McCain.

To suggest that women, African Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, Muslims and other minorities would have voted for a republican presidential candidate in mass and abandoned the Democratic Party is currently a stretch. However Donald Trump surly cost himself a good deal of those votes, a miscalculation that will be critical come November.

During this era of social upheaval and the shifting of generational norms, our country is left with a vacuum of leadership that will translate into an ever increasing disconnect between the system and the citizenship

The savior that wasn't.
The savior that wasn't.


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