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How you feel after Obama becomes president the United States?

Updated on January 22, 2009

Could This Be Bristol Palin's Baby's Father. Watch These

 I am just like most Americans. Just like many of them, I went door to door reminding people to vote for Barack the night before Election Day. There was an incredible turnout of African American voters who cast ballets for the very first time in history. Most of the votes came from the 18-35 age group bracket. I am in that age group.

I have followed Barack since he gave his first speech before the thought of running for president was even conceived. I knew then, he could be our next president. The only negative thought I had was the fact (which now is opinion) that America would never have an African American President. My family cheered him on from the start.

When he went on the campaign trail, my television never left CNN and MSNBC. I wouldn't do anything until after he made his speech. As with every American, I watched closely to everything including the political experts comments. Barack was under investigation by me as if I were the CIA or the FBI. I needed to know everything I could about him before voting.

Barack overcame many challenges. I knew he was a winner when Hillary Clinton had to drop out of the race. When I found out how much money Barack was bringing in for his campaign, the chances of his winning became very clear to me. No other candidate in history took in that much money that wasn't given to them by lobbyists. I was surprised that Barack played by the rules considering most politicians has to lie, cheat, and steal their way into the white house.

What made this election so interesting was Sara Palin and John McCain. They really gave me the laugh of a lifetime. I mean I laughed until I cried. They were absolutely a perfect pair. I called them"twiddle dee and twiddle dumb." The bridge went literally nowhere. AND she recited that punchline time and time again. A road was built to go to the bridge, but where is the bridge? They should have called it "road to nowhere."

The fact that Sara's daughter was pregnant sent a worldwide message for teens to have unprotected sex. I told many people that if McCain wins the rate of teenage pregnancies will skyrocket. As leaders, we must lead by example and Sara forcing her daughter to marry the "father" of her child is not a good one. I am a woman of faith, I don't believe in having babies out of wedlock but it is a reality that we live in. However forcing a marriage doesn't solve the problem. In fact that increases the divorce rate.

By the way a young African American man claims that he is the father of Bristols baby. He even has a Youtube out about it......

The Fundamentals of this Economy is

That one really had me laughing. McCain to the rescue as if he was superman.... Running to the white house didn't help any. It didn't even stay in the headlines long. Commentators even stated McCain made a big mistake by doing that. WOW very mavericky!

The Bush doctrine says that if there were an attack,  America has the right to strike without preconditions. Please someone tell me or Sara, the difference between worldview and doctrine. Putin will not attack Alaska first when he could attack elsewhere like in a major city that has high capital gains.

Anyway, just had to make someone laugh about that......

I am so glad that President Barack Hussein Obama is now our commander and chief. We can get out of this war and more money can be put in our pockets. I believe the economy will improve once we stop spending money on the war. I say get Bin Laden once and for all and move on to bigger and better things.

I do believe that President Obama will bring some civilization and peace to the world. There were countries that longed for Obama to become president. Their lives as well as some of ours depended on it. Barack has so much respect from people of all walks of life which is the reason why some refer him as the Antichrist. But that is what they said about many presidents before him.

He will make American's proud. I just heard right as I am typing this, Barack is suspending the white house employees salaries if they make over $100,000.00. He said that if American's are suffering financially, so should congress. There are no exemptions.

I love Barack and I can only pray that he leads us in righteousness and in truth.....

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    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      Congress chooses how much Congress gets paid, not the president. Thus, he does not have the power to suspend such wages.

    • Lady LaShonda profile image

      Lady LaShonda 8 years ago from Atlantic City, New Jersey

      Slice of Life

      I don't believe that he is really for abortions. I believe that you misunderstood his standpoint. He doesn't promote them. In fact he stands for prevention so abortions wouldn't be an option. Most of us Americans are not for abortions. However the society in which we live in does. I don't believe in abortions.

      I voted for Barack because he made a better candidate than Mc Cain. I really believe, the United States got it right with Barack. He played the game well and truthfully, Mc Cain didn't even stand a chance. We probably would have been worse off if Mc Cain was president....

    • Slice Of Life profile image

      Slice Of Life 8 years ago from United States

      This hub of yours really suprises me... did you vote for Christ or did you vote for an African American?

      Christ would not want his body to vote pro choice - shame on you my sister

    • profile image

      rsm 8 years ago

      another kool aid drinker

    • hsofyan profile image

      hsofyan 9 years ago from Indonesia