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Hubpages my friendly home

Updated on December 15, 2014

Welcoming baobab

This is my home where I meet friendly with my readers.It is a funy home for joy, love, and wisdom. The right-mindedness shines under the shade of the baobab. That 's why my hubpage is a welcoming baobab where the readers stop to refresh.

Welcoming baobab

Hubpages, friendly home

Unique portal to be at the hub

Beautiful getaway, forum of excellence

Pageshub, pages of benefaction and largesse

Alarmist pages not to threaten but to awaken

Good news bad news helpful to discern

Enjoy the brilliant hubpages for dream and wisdom

Sanctified pages committed to the kingdom

Alert, alarm, warning pages, hubs of the universe

Light of world, bright of magnificence

Allegoric fictions

Ravishing topics

Mirthful stories


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    • bayebangogo profile image

      bayebangogo 3 years ago

      It is not an article, but a poem, written as a welcoming message to our future readers.

      Bayebangogo, Patrice