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Hugo Chavez Bids Adieu

Updated on January 12, 2015

Hugo Chavez died on March 6th, 2013 in a military hospital in Caracas at the age of 58. The fourteen years that Chavez served as the president of Venezuela embody the principles of his new brand of socialism. The socialist policies Chavez implemented gained popularity amongst the commonwealth of Latin America and also received harsh criticism from the corporate capitalist elite. Chavez's fights against imperialistic oppression, poverty, and inequality rendered him as a revered leader and a champion of human rights among his citizenry.

The beneficial philanthropy Chavez offered to the poor poverty stricken neighborhoods of Venezuela can speak volumes to his character as a man of the people. Hugo Chavez exudes the distinction of a crusader battling against imperialism in a time when the world was more focused on global terrorism. With the first noble figurehead of compassionate humanitarian based socialism laid to rest, the hand of power now turns to the new leaders to protect and serve the will of the people, and also to the people to acknowledge and execute their will, protect themselves against disenfranchisement, and uphold the the quality of life that Chavez endowed upon them.

Red Salute to the True Leftist

Chavez was the president of Venezuela from 1998 until his death in 2013. "Socialism of twenty first century", as he branded it, was a new democratic concept envisioned by Chavez and he believed that post World War II Marxist, Leninist, political and economical models were hopeless. He firmly believed that representative democracies only fostered the richest classes, not the poor and marginalized sections. In 1998 president Chavez initiated economic, social and developmental reforms in his country. Chavez was successful in fending off the global corporate interest to an extent, preserving Venezuela from the grappling of globalization. President Chavez implemented socioeconomic reforms which drastically reduced the poverty rates throughout the country. Chavez accomplished this by using the profits from the nationally owned oil companies to provide necessary aid to the derelict ghettos.

Revolutionary Star Fades

After Chavez nationalized the oil companies, the public coffers overflowed with big oil money. He used this money to pay for public works projects, education, and restoration. Chavez cut the poverty rate by 20% during his term of office. He would often send whole military divisions into the impoverished areas of a city to offer free medical aid and education. Chavez was a leader who undertook a revolution through democracy and it is doubtful that anyone can follow his legacy in the near future.

End to an Era of Socialism

In 2008, Chavez effectively tackled economic recession with no major casualty to Venezuelan economy. Venezuela set a new benchmark in basic infrastructure development, minimum salary assurance and intensified distribution of welfare pensions.

Thousands of Venezuelan nationals assembled outside the military hospital in Caracas to pay homage to their honorable leader and it became a tearful adieu for the world's mournful socialists. It is expected that vice president of Venezuela, Mr. Nicolas Maduro, will take over as the country‚Äüs next president. Hugo Chavez is survived by wife, four children and four grandchildren. Venezuela lost a revolutionary icon, a fearless leader, and eidolon of truth, honor, and hope.


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