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Human Trafficking on my doorstep

Updated on April 22, 2016

South Africa the new hub for Human Trafficking

With the World Cup just around the corner, Human Trafficking is suddenly becoming the new trend in South Africa and in my home town.

At times like this I wish I could be as resourceful as the Guy in the movie "Taken". Unfortunately I am not. I am just a ordinary housewife, living an ordinary life. So what do I do to keep my child, and other children for that matter, safe from these people?

For the past three months my hometown has became acutely aware of this thread, because these perpetrators are so arrogant now that they are openly threatening our children. Sitting in front of our schools taking photos of our children. In fact a few weeks ago we had our first attempted abduction. A grade 5 child was abducted right in front of her school. Fortunatly they threw her out of the car at what they thought was a road block.

Our teenagers can not go to the Mall anymore without the fear of being photographed. In fact my best friend's sister was photographed right in front of her house. Regardless of our crime rate we are not used to this kind of arrogance.

I think as parents, our first step of prevention is to gain as much knowledge as we can. BECOME AWARE!!!! "We are lacking the accurate information on the extent of this problem..." as stated by Jabulani Sikhakhane (IPS) of CIVICUS. And he is right. It also seems that one of the main problems are the fact that the Goverments of many countries are throwing a blind eye, making one wonder how many fingers they have in that pie. In South Africa the IPS couldn't even get realistic numbers on the problem because of a lack of data.

Make no mistake in my research I came across numerous websites giving us information about human trafficking and it is shocking. Websites against it, websites of organisations helping rescued victims and anti-human trafficking websites and it is great because it is those websites that gives us the knowledge that we need to become knowledgeable.

But I have a more immediate problem and that is: How do I keep my little angel safe from these perpetrators NOW? While we wait for these Legislations and laws, that are now suddenly updated, goes through. I know you might think: "Hush woman, it happens all over the world." And yes it does. But in the twenty years that I have been staying in my hometown, we only had one incident that I know of and thank God it turned out well because she was rescued in time. Now suddenly we have this influx of people threatening our children's human rights and privacy.

Legislation or not, I still do not see any immediate action being taken. Besides the attempted abduction, our children are still being photographed at the mall and in front of the schools from cars without number plates. Is it so difficult to catch them? I mean, they are so arrogant and open about it. Could it be because they know that our policing is not up to standard, with half of our police force being criminals themselves.

A doctor once said when you treat a patient one should stop treating the simptoms, but look for the cause. So what is the cause for this trafficking. Maybe we should start looking into who the people are who creates this need. In this case the brothel's clients. If there weren't clients there would be no need. So maybe we should start looking into who they are and sort them out first. I can think of a few ways but the one solution that keeps on poking me at the back of my brain is to maybe cut off divers parts of their anatomy. But o yes I forgot they apparently have rights too, don't they. But what about our children's rights? I think if founded guilty, people like these should have no rights and should be treated the same way as they treat the people they so mercilessly use for their own enrichment.

I have always been against human trafficking, but it took the mini series "Human Trafficking" and the movie "Taken" to make me realize what it is really about and it nausiates me when I think of those poor people who are violated in this way as if they are beings with no feelings. And now that it is on our doorstep it made me actually kick into action.

In the first place I think our Malls should put up photos of people suspected of violating these children's rights, perpetrators' rights or not. It must be put up in places where parents and the older children can see it clearly so that when noting one of these perpetrators they are able to notify the authorities in time.

What I also did was to drill into my child's head never to leave my sight and explained to him in no uncertain terms what will happen when he gets stolen. Children are a lot stronger and a lot more intelligent than what we give them credit for.

So, until after the World Cup (or as long as needed), one of the steps of prevention for me will be to stay clear of too many public places and keep a vigilant eye. I reckone easier said than done especially when you have more that one child, because mothers are only human. But let us try our best, because this is war.

And a last word to the clients of these brothels, may God have mercy on your soul.


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    • Anne Scullard profile image

      Anna-Mart 7 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks. It's really a serious matter to me. I just have to think about my son being abused like that and i am ready for war. I'll probably totally lose it and do something totally irresponsible.

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 7 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      Excellent hub. Thank you for caring and for bringing attention to this issue.