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Humanity before Money

Updated on September 11, 2012

As I deal daily with the context of a troubling impending Presidential election, I am constantly reminded of what is really important: LOVE.

People feel very strongly about politics. Usually the strength of those feelings resides around money. I don't have money so to me things are quite clear. People come before dollars, cents, gold, silver or any other form of economic fare.

I will say emphatically that I have worked hard my whole life. Yet because of a chronic illness that affects both my mind and body, my existence has been challenging at best. After 20 years I can finally express it is what it is.

The result of my experiences has been that I love more. I have compassion and tolerance that most people do not.

I give to every job I have been fortunate enough to have; and yet, I know that LOVE is ultimately my salvation. So that is what I focus on 90% of the time. I shoot toward 100% but I am human first after all!!!

My heroes for this piece are Mother Theresa and Saint Theresa de Liseaux---two people that saturated their lives with Christ. Two people who lived with all of their hearts. I bask in their humble glory. People are hungry for wholeness. Each person seeks his/her sense of perfection in different ways. Some become workaholics. Some find religion---all different types of course. Some engage in action-oriented living and on and on.

Miracles manifest from those two ladies' lives. And that is what we must see and use. LOVE conquers all. So whatever occurs this November, I am channeling most of my energy toward that LOVE. That includes my personal vision of helping people overcome their illnesses, injuries and traumatic experiences by creating a healing center based on free energy work.

I have heard alternative and/or holistic healers compare themselves to medical doctors and therefore they should get comparable pay. But I think those kinds of healers have the capacity to do something so much greater than traditional personnel that must train for years at extravagant financial rates. Energy does not cost. It is all around us. The energy of LOVE genuinely transforms and heals. Healers can be trained quickly with little monetary expense. Assistance to humanity can be significant and free.

But people must have a vocation to live, right? Well, not if we think outside the box.

The 1960's brought forth communal living. I did not even know such communities still existed. They do and they are labeled intentional communities. I am currently designing one such community. Right now it is in the dreaming phase. Eventually I propose to take it into the manifesting phase. By then I will have met the super team that it will take to create this modern Shangri'la.

LOVE is the foundation, the medium and the mission.

Money will naturally follow. My writing, my art and my love will be the way. The community will be the passion. Free LOVE---though not the type thought of in the drug-infested 60's communes---will be the manifestation. Healing and wholeness will be the accomplishment. And those who wrap their minds around mammon as security will have no qualms or resistance because such a vision will not cost them a dime.

Learn about LOVE. Invest yourself in it. The world needs healing. You can make that happen. Really. Let's do it together.


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