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Humanity faces the inevitable and so what's next for us all to do socially

Updated on December 16, 2012

When will we ever learn?


Us humans all reap what we have surely sewn

The subtitle up above is unfortunately a solid pure fact no matter which way we try to dodge the digital bullet of truth and of our more modern day reality, or try to make up excuses as we do so often.

As greed has appeared to have taken the forefront and center stage of things worldwide. So it is also the reason behind every individual's sinister plots on this planetary surface for global take over. Mainly for all those individuals or groups whom indeed hold or has once upon a time held a single hidden agenda of their own against the overall good of humanity (Oh so selfish indeed we are, many of us).

This undeniable fact of being human, is why evil itself seizes the opportune moment to actually rare its ugly face from time to time on this earthly surface, hence its successive forceful strikes at trying its hardest to take full advantage of us all (Perpetual war crimes committed, oppression, slavery to a dieing system, human brutality, hate, damnation, racism, heartlessness, social injustices, and self destruction etc..) due to the filthy love of money and desires to be in absolute power and control of everything in the end.

Above all, this undeniable truth and absolute will always exist, which is also a fact of our very life cycles of birth and death that all must proceed onwards. As it is also displayed so clearly and expressive in organic chemistry, with the growth and decay of all organisms, which continuously perpetuate itself repetitiously over and over again (True Co-creation).

Lets all hope in the future it can instead be lived out more fairly though on a global scale as for us humans is concerned and all species. The issues with the rich and poor of the economic disparity differences, is clearly a case of survival of the smartest and not that of the fittest, so it keeps us all on our toes to try and keep plugging away to bring stability to it all someday. (What a challenge indeed).

America isn't the only place in financial crisis

Sharing effectively will do it!


Helping one another socially

Here's a great idea that can and will make a world of a difference today, if people simply began to wake up out of their deep slumber; is to join forces using video powers. It will work well especially for those people who've already been burdened by having suffered economic hardships of all sorts today and worldwide. (These folks are ready for change for real)

Since so many people are indeed experiencing the worst of social ills (Article on poverty in America today), and when it comes to financial issues and all, why don't we give the social networking and media thing a try at helping one another share on places like Youtube, and combine it to our writing efforts as a community.

Starting online movements takes a huge sacrifice from all those who decide to get involved, but if we all combined our efforts onto places like Youtube, and came up with conscious efforts to make real change, by means of sharing true to life real stories of triumph over adversity. Well, then things may actually begin to take liftoff digitally, and all those who chose to tag along digitally onto this sort of reality wave of helping one another virtually, and on the web can make a huge difference for sure.

My efforts alone on Youtube speaks for itself in achieving close to 40,000 views already, and I been working hard at it there and doing it seriously for about 7 months strong now.

Just imagine if we all started to team up there, and group up one by one with video editing efforts on a massive scale, and being mindful of high quality editing as well, plus with real life footage of our hardcore stories to share, anything is possible today.

Humanity is really hurting today, lets work on fixing this place

View of the Earth, taken in 1972 by the Apollo 17 astronaut crew. This image is the only photograph of its kind to date, showing a fully sunlit hemisphere of the Earth.
View of the Earth, taken in 1972 by the Apollo 17 astronaut crew. This image is the only photograph of its kind to date, showing a fully sunlit hemisphere of the Earth. | Source

Why just share the funny stuff! & entertaining content

We love sharing funny videos all the time. Us humans love to get entertained so much though, that we tend to forget at times what is truly important in life, and even personal neglect inevitably sets in, lets forget about the societal issues and family problems.

This is why using social media is the truest way to reverse this sort of social disorder and chaos we're all surely facing today. It can be done in a way to help repair one person at a time, only if people start to think about smarter ways to communicate effectively.

The funny thing is, all the tools are available, and even if poor folks need to go to a local library to bring a true story to the screen so be it. Libraries can install web cams, and so that such an intiative can be applied.

Is this all a dream or is it possible?

Sure its possible, why not right! You know, each person doesn't need to ask and beg for money today, because we can all have our very own monetized youtube accounts now. Those folks who need to clean up their bank records and all will need to do the necessary ground work to make such an effective change for themselves, but the others who have indeed a back account can become a Youtube Partner, and join the Adsense program there so to successfully monetize their accounts.

Countless people are unemployed with no end in sight, and so we need to ban together online today, besides making efforts on the ground to defend human rights


An epic & honorable worthy cause!

This is an epic project that will take the love, and support of all of us online web masters to give at least a day or two, maybe a hour in that given day to put this all together as a single organized group, and it can spawn a world of change, when others follow suit. If we do nothing, well then much more of the same that we all are currently experiencing online and offline is potentially going to keep on happening, mainly because us humans are for the most part attached to our gadgets today.

Youtube can be used to help bridge the gaps for all of humanity, and this is why I am over stressing the fact that by organizing our tech minds, how to powers, and not that of our dollars from our already empty pockets, but rather our online potentials. We can surely help this world change once and for all for the better, all it takes is believing in your own potential to create your teams to go at it all. (Not everyone is a successful group or community organizer, but with practice it shall make perfect)


The Youtube link up above is to an article about the true online potential of building video communities, basically to help people in the real world to obtain true to life change for the better, by making video development efforts of sharing their real life stories of struggles and all as a single community effort. (People can group together there to share video making efforts for bringing in far reaching results, which can help them if need be financially as well)

Anyone can create such a community today, the thing is you need to have a very good camcorder, video camera and video editing tools, and be willing to devote hours of your time to countless editing efforts.

Please if you like to help out with humanitarian efforts to bring real changes to humanity as a whole, give this a try of making your own community there. Give your collaborative videos a good title that stands out for something of real meaning, of true value, and make it all count. (Good luck! and get video editing and teaming up)

We all need to take a break at times as well & this is a good way

How do I take action?

So, if you would like to join in on becoming more real for humanities sake, then try your best not to lie to others, try to be as honest as possible with yourself and others, and join forces together if at all possible on Youtube as stated up above in a previous paragraph here in this article. (It's truly awesome when people learn to work together)

Being real means to care, to give to others from that of your heart, to show affection for humnaity as a whole, and to not be afriad of whom you really are inside and out. (Self love without conceit or inhibition)

What will begin to happen once this reality takes form and shape, is that all those purely status conscious folks will simply crumble, and wither away to bear witness to the real you.

This will happen each and every time, because its your ego that has become such a hard shell to chip away, as it was designed so firmly just to hide the truth of our bare vulnerabilities of being only human.

What is the art of being real?

The art of being real is something that pertains to the helping of us humans, by us all realizing to do right towards one another. There are many imbedded and underlining reasons as to why us humans have seemed to steer off into the wrong directions in this life, many of which were financial failures. Our economy is still suffering, and we all need to help one another break the cycle of sufferage, poverty, and so regaining that of our human rights of equality is the main theme here of us all trying to make such an effort happen today.

As for the attraction thing, well it doesn't always have to spell good looks, it can also spell being truly humane to others, which by helping people you are in turn helping yourself because the world is slowly getting better and better.

Those who choose to be more real with others, will tend to fair off much better over time, because even when a fake person achieves some sort of success online or off, they tend to throw away that success, because it lacks love of community, it lacks love of true self, and is a more artificial kind of lust that tends to step from desire, and purely ego driven.

What counters such a thing is truly caring for ones family, friends, loved ones and all others in general, and simply because we are all mere mortals identified as homosapiens.

There's no place like the human heart and tender love from it

By Glamlife-studentportal
By Glamlife-studentportal | Source

Real change for human rights pole

Do you think being real using video powers today can and will successfully change humanity for the better

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    • K J Page profile image

      K J Page 

      5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Your words spiral to create a verbal array of thought which is deep and reaches far - beautifully said.....

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      5 years ago

      My, my - what a surprise - Mike attacking a topic from every which way but loose! lol..

      I think any little thing we can do that is positive and in the right spirit - is a good thing! I'm with you - i've long wondered what it is about us humans that we so easily choose the negative over the positive - the evil over the good - as you so eloquently put it..

      This hub - in and of itself - is helping, Mike - and all of them together - are making ripples that could one day turn into a tidal wave - and HOW!

      voting/sharing forward..

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @btrbell Your very much welcome, and I thank you for commenting and for sharing with me here.

      Yes indeed Youtube is the perfect way to help others get off of the ground literally, and to create a pathway to let the world know of their true voice and all of their own, in whatever way people choose to do so today.

      I love it all Youtube and all the other cool networks we use and are beginning to master over time, and I hope many others can find great use for such technology we do have at our disposals, because the world needs fixing for sure.

    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 

      5 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Thank you, Cloudexplorer for sharing the youtube way to get a message out. In all the media seminars and articles, youtube is the fastest growing and most powerful way to get to the masses! Good for you that you are doing this. Better for you that your message is so worthy! Thank you! up+

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @carol7777, thank you so much Carol for the comment, yeah my heart is filled with things of this world, and its poring out daily and nightly onto the screen here. I do my best to make it grammatically correct and all, and that's the best I can do you know.

      Humanity definitely needs more help and hopefully my efforts to shead some light by using Youtube as a sure fire method shall come true someday. If t works for the pro's who promote their videos there, and elsewhere online why can't we all do it together, as a genuine collaborative effort to help us all.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      You always bring out so many different views and emotions. Not sure about the video thing except maybe showing things in person as well as the written word can accomplish a lot. Good writing as always. Voting UP++++


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