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Only humans can save humanity

Updated on April 23, 2016

Humans, the only species with the capability to learn different languages, cultures and societies. Yet, hidden in these accomplishments, is a virus that spreads faster than the common cold, this is the capability to hate difference. The capability to hate the different. We may be the only species to grasp our knowledge, but we are also the only species unable to see the kinship between us. We can compare situations with a tree, for example, a tree has leaves of many shades and shapes, and regardless of these things, they are shed bare inevitably. We can attempt to broaden differences between us, when in actuality, we age and progress in the same manner. Now, all people are different, in mind, there is no doubt about that. However, we are only shells to these spirits. We are only a case for which our ideas are sheltered.

If humans could only take one another, hand in hand, we could progress. Overcoming the obstacle of indifference can lead us to a future in which humans no longer strive for self preservation, but the preservation of humanity as a whole. With this in mind, encourage those around you to move forward with the mind of a human. A human in general, not a title by skin color. If we open our minds to the possibility that we are all similar, than we can connect. We can take todays triumphs and boost them, with the power of women/men, not one alone.

I emphasize the fact that we are all individuals in our own way, and that is the attribute we should hold high above ourselves. We can pray to any god in which we choose, an we can speak any language that rolls off of our tongue. However, we will always falter if we are not united. The future is an image of humanity walking hand in hand. Imagine the things we can discover, the science and art in the mind is never ending. We can create new and improved ways of transportation, we can discover new worlds, new plateaus for which we can grow. This generation, and the generations to come, can be the seed that is planted to sprout our new world. A world of progress, and heartfelt success. A society in which one is not judged by color, sexuality, and religion but by the effort they put in to better their life (or make it worse) .

Humanity is a beautiful thing, and the things it holds dear, are also beautiful. The faith a person can hold, regardless of their god, should be praised. The idea that someone can love, so strong, regardless of who it is, should be held in high regards. We take too much to heart. So many of us are insulted by the way others live their lives, and it halts us from living our own. We take for granted the air that fills our lungs, the precious moments we waste by casting a blind eye to the suffering of others. We can be united, we can be at peace. This is a possibility as long as we learn to walk beside one another, as humans, as people. People with our own individuality, our own minds, souls, beliefs. We are beautiful, and astonishing. We are humans, let's be just that.

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    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 13 months ago from Missoula, Montana at least until August 2018

      Ten months ago when you wrote this little hub, it was a beautiful message encased in some very fine writing. So I'll take this opportunity to try to woo you back to do it again. We need positive messages on this site, and I invite you to come back and write another hub.