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Public Shaming

Updated on November 25, 2016

What if one day the holy inquisition came back? If people suddenly start to judge, condemn other people because their actions are not "morally right" and by morally correct I mean simple things like not going to Mass, drinking alcohol, playing games of chance or having some sexual preference that Is considered "unnatural". Possibly we would think that we would not allow it to be a more civilized society and we perfectly understand what is freedom of thoughts, cults, ideas and preferences. Making a little bit of history, the Inquisition used different forms of torture to the most sadistic style. (Total is the church and has the almighty on its side) well, part of its punishments consisted in public humiliation.

In modern times, although we do not put someone in a basket full of urine and manure (If this was done and it was called a cask pillory), we beat it in public places or we put emarres necklaces that indicate that it is a player or That day he decided not to go to Mass. If we share the video where maybe a person who drank of more is doing something inappropriate that we consider funny, or we are judging the fiancée who was kissing with a stranger in his bachelorette party or we decided that someone who is willing to bribe authorities deserves Of our attention.

When we stop living our own lives to live through other people. When we become holy enough to judge someone we do not even know.

Public humiliation, Public Shaming or Cyber ​​bullyng is the same exposing someone publicly to be tried. Let's think about the lives of many of these people where many of them need to change planet so that nobody remembers their 5 minutes of recklessness and that for those 5 minutes are marked for life.


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