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The Humming sound that hits people

Updated on June 11, 2011
Horrible Sound
Horrible Sound

That horrible sound everywhere

I wonder if anybody did consider these 'natural' phenomena generally called 'Strange Humming Noise'. If you don't know what I am talking about Goggle 'strange humming sound vibrations' and read the interesting occurrences. It is all over the world - USA, Brazil, UK, Au, NZ . . .

In my mind, from day one I heard about this, there is only one word Resonance. Simply put, resonance is the occurrence where an energy pulse is on such length/frequency that it causes other items to vibrate in excessive sympathy. Ok that is easy; something is causing a resonance effect on certain spots around the world.

As with so many people I am not the only one, thus many jumped up and say "Ahhh, it could only be resonance". Fortunately some people actually set out on proving the concept. Out comes all sorts of instruments and technology; measuring ElectroMagnetic energy. Now, electromagnetic is that thing we call almost any kind of energy; the ones you hear from your TV, use in your microwave, get when you go suntan on the sunny beach - well anything that has to do with electrical and/or magnetic forces.

By the way of interest you never have electricity without magnetism.

Until now some researchers found absolute no indication that this 'noise' is in any way related to electromagnetic waves. But they did find it is there, even made some recordings of it. Now comes the guesswork - it is from old mining operations, in one place they say it is some effect remaining from a so called UFO crash long ago. Other say it is subterranean cavities that acts like organ pipes with wind over them, due to sand dunes or just plain wind through the mountains. Yet the problem is that nothing makes any sense and because these phenomena are on so many different locations around the world - with different geophysics and geology - it makes even less sense.

I came to the conclusion there are two possible causes; one human made and the other natural.

At first this could be due to electromagnetic resonance; but with a difficult set of variables. Resonance always needs at least two items. Something must transmit a signal and that signal must have an effect on something else - the receiver. Anyone who ever played with resonance effects will tell you that there is not only the transmitter and receiver that comes into play - the complete environment will affect the exact resonance. Even light and temperature will affect the resonance.

My theory here is that this effect is cause by radio signals coming from radio, TV, Mobile and other transmitting towers. The difficult part is that there is no direct receiver in play here. What I suspect we have is that two or more transmitters have their signals intersecting and that such happens on a spot where the general environment starts to vibrate in sympathy. So we will have at least three variables that need to cause this: Transmitter #1, Transmitter #2 and Earth/Air/buildings at location set in such position that is causes sympathetic vibrations. Vibrations are Sound, hence the humming noise. A great indicator is that the humming sound is a steady vibration that has a lead in period, long period steady at the same and lead out period.

Now there is another possibility though here even I have to say it is quite farfetched. Exactly the same as the previous potential, only with another more ominous transmitter. That of extraterrestrial origin, sorry not the UFO kind! This could be locations on earth forming a resonance with radio kind of transmissions from our Sun, planets or even interstellar origin. Of the few reports I did find where people succeeded in recording the humming; they all seem between 48Hz and 62 Hz. Lower range in some countries like UK, Au. NZ, ZA and higher in others like USA and Mexico - everything corresponding in range of the local power supply grit. Thus I would rule cosmic radiation out.

One last item I need to point out: The signal might not be form a tower within sight or immediate environment. It could be from hundreds of miles away, even form a different continent. Radio signals has the habit of bouncing from the upper atmospheric layers. This is why I think we have most recordings around 55-56 Hz; a resonance between 50 and 60 Hz.

How to stop it? At the same time it could be a proof of origin, a relative simple addition or subtraction. They will need to change the resonance environment. Some people have more problems in their houses than their neighbours. Change your house - start by moving big furniture around. Maybe build an extra wall somewhere on your property.

In the electromagnetic world we do want to generate resonance, after all that is how most of our devices are working today. It is quite difficult and precise to generate resonance in objects, so the opposite would be true if you want to break the resonance - that should be relatively easy. Only the eventual scale will depend on area affected.


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    • profile image

      Aaron 4 years ago

      I have been hearing that horrible humming sound here in Moreno Valley, it comes and goes. When it is continuos I start to get mad and agitated. What the heck is going on???

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 6 years ago from Thailand

      As of lately there seems to be a constant increase in locations where this noise is heard. As if that is not enough, there are now more and more recordings on YouTube. Not only sound but now also vibrations can be felt.

      Original descriptions were that of a 'distant ideling truck or bus engine; barely audible.

      Earlier this year reports started to come in of definite vibrating type of resonance - kind of like the ones I can imitate with my brass bowls. Now since June it seems to be more of a deep trumpet or conch shell kind or similar to that of a Bugle. UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Taiwan . . .

      I do not get scared easily; but honestly this thing is now slowly starting to freak me out.

    • Naomi's Banner profile image

      Naomi's Banner 6 years ago from United States

      Wow this is extrememly interesting. I have not heard of this until now. I will deinately be paying attention to see if I hear anything about it on the news. Thanks for your very interesting Hub.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 6 years ago from Thailand

      WOW, Interesting thank you.

      I am fortunate not to live in one of these areas, though I do a lot of experiments with electrical a radio waves. I know what headaches this 'non-sympathetic' waves can cause. Luckily in my lab I can guess what causes it and make changes.

      From what I read - it is horrible and often whole communities complain of headache, nausea and sometimes even nose bleeds. At some location it last for days at a time other places it is periodic same time and last only for few minutes to hours.

      Some reports:

      One person wrote this on a forum:

      "there's this high pitched buzzing sound coming from the air in my room. Everyone in the house checked and unplugged and put their ear up to everything. But it's not actually coming from a physical object. It's just coming from the air in a certain spot in my room. It's ear-splitting, I'm going crazy, i don't know what it is or how to make it stop. Anyone have experience with weird screeching sounds?"

      Lastly, a Wikipedia:

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      How distracting is this humming sound? you made me curious about it.

      Congratulations! The humming sound found its way in this weeks Hubnuggets list. See for yourself:

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 6 years ago from Thailand

      Thank you all; sorry I am a bit occupied with experiments past few weeks.

      @ DzyMzLizzy; yes when one thinks of normal variables and normal sound you need to know where it is coming from. Same as I have a highway running past my home, so I need to block sound from there.

      But this is not normal, it is at the same time coming from every direction. This is exactly what gave me the notion of resonance. Each and every object in that 'circuit' is resonating together, thus each and every object re-generates the sound/vibration.

      In electric/tronic we use circuits called 'resonant circuit'. Same concept is also used in radio, TV, mobile phone - all working on resonance. The moment you change anything is such resonance circuit, there is no resonance anymore - you need to re-adjust the whole circuit to achieve resonance again.

      I can't guarantee it will work and somehow people will need to do this kind of experiment on such sites. I am proposing a possible cause and solution - since there is no other explanation. It should not be very expensive or massive in size. They will just need to break the resonance.

      Just a few examples you might recognise; you have a mobile phone. Using the same phone, same house, same tower, same time - everything exactly the same but you are moving around in your house. At some spots you get better signal, others weak. How often did you find by moving just a meter or two in the same room you get better signal when talking to someone? Ask your TV Satellite dish installers about their findings. On one corner of a house they might get poor reception or 'ghosts' and when they re-locate the dish to another corner maybe 5 meters away they get good signal. It is all about resonance.

      Within a house, if you find a particular room with this nauseating vibration presence; change the environment. Often you will find even by hanging a heavy material curtain, or drape over a poster bed, or add/remove wardrobe. Even as little as opening all drawers and cupboard doors should change the resonant acoustics.

      In cases of communities it will be a bit more challenging because there you have huge buildings and structures to work with. Planting big trees, creating green park zones, building high barrier walls - or a new addition to the high rise might be required. I would opt for big fast growing trees as best breaker of electronic noise.

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 6 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Interesting. I have heard of this before. I've not heard it or experienced it where we live, but I'm sure it is maddeninly annoying.

      Before building a sound wall to bounce the sound away, though, you'd have to be able to determine the direction of the source, an that seems to be the ongoing problem, since no one has been able to pinpoint said source.

      Good food for thought, here. Voted up.

    • profile image

      Gerald Contreras 6 years ago

      You actually make it seem so easy together with your presentation however I in finding this topic to be really one thing that I think I'd by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very large for me. I am having a look forward for your next put up, I'll try to get the hold of it!

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

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