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Hurricane Irene may take a bite out of the Big Apple

Updated on August 23, 2011
Latest projected path for Hurricane Irene as of the 11 pm update on 8/23/11
Latest projected path for Hurricane Irene as of the 11 pm update on 8/23/11 | Source

As Hurricane Irene spins just south of the Bahamas, the latest updates have been released by the National Hurricane Center informing the public of the latest strength and location of Irene. They also released new graphics, which includes a projected path. All afternoon the computer models have been moving the storm's path closer to Southern New England. This trend has been illustrated through the latest projected path presented by the National Hurricane Center (image to the right). This new path shows the Hurricane moving up the coast sparing Florida, Georgia and south Carolina from a direct hit. However the path puts the out banks of North Carolina in line for a direct hit from a soon to be major Hurricane. What concerns me is the path continues up the coast as a hurricane until its basically over New York City as a Category one hurricane on Sunday night! Many reports show a hurricane within 20 miles of NYC by Sunday night with winds of 85 miles per hour and gust up to 100, to the east of the storm a heighten chance for tornadoes. I have also heard of rainfall predictions of 8 to 10 inches of rain and that's if the storm moves quickly. As I have mentioned in the hub Hurricane Irene the next billion dollar disaster in 2011 there are a number of circumstances such as recent rainfall that will make this storm a huge disaster! However looking at the new projected path and the strength of the storm things maybe even worse for the NYC metro area. The angle at which the storm is heading to this region and the geographic angles of New Jersey and Long Island can produce a funneling effect on the Storm surge, forcing water to pile up in New York Harbor, up the Hudson and East rivers, possibly creating a storm surge of epic proportions! This situation is getting very serious and many need to monitor it in the northeast. New York City has not taken a direct hit in decades, Hurricane Gloria came close in 1985 passing over Long Island, Hurricane Bob in 1991 over Rhode Island, and of course The Long Island Express of 1938. This storm has the potential to be one for the record books but then again it could just go out to sea! Whatever the outcome keep up to date on the latest updates try The Best Hurricane Information Sites.

With the current predictions Southern New England and the New York City metro area has the potential to see hurricane force winds, which will down many trees and power lines but also has the potential to create structural damage on some buildings. Besides the wind, the rain will be an issue with soggy ground already, another 4-10 inches of rain or more will produces flash flooding and rising rivers! Finally with the storm staying over water and hitting at the specific angle storm surge will be and issue fro New York City and Long Island. If you live in the region please keep informed!!!!! I'm keeping my eyes on it from here in coastal Connecticut!


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    • bonnebartron profile image


      7 years ago from never one place for too long

      YIKES! Stay safe east coastal friends!


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