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Hurricane Isaac-Why after Hurricane Katrina?

Updated on August 29, 2012

Hurricane Katrina

No Lessons Learned?
No Lessons Learned? | Source


As we now know, Hurricane Isaac is hitting the Gulf Coast as a category 1 hurricane.

It is devastating the great city of New Orleans.

OK, after Katrina they say they have built more levees and learning from the mistakes that came to light with Katrina, they would not be using the Stadium or Convention Center as shelters.

OK, well done for the authorities but before they pat themselves on the back perhaps they could explain a couple of other things.

Firstly they said that in the event of a hurricane they would provide shelters for the residence of New Orleans that required it but only up to a category 2. Why is that?

In the event of a category 3 or higher, the whole city would have to be evacuated. Why?


It was exactly 7 years to the day between Katrina and Isaac, which surely is enough time to make proper precautions.

Everybody knows that hurricanes in recent years tend to be stronger and more frequent and so any rebuilding or restructuring taking place should embed this fact in any plans.

Now, some will say that New Orleans is unlucky to be hit again so soon, although this is true they are also lucky that Isaac wasn’t stronger.

It is OK for the authorities to brag about the changes they have made after a particular disaster and that they are learning. Learning what?

To say that the whole city of New Orleans would have to be evacuated for a category 3 or higher is no kind of improvement and a clear indication that the authorities are just full of talk, for political gain: no real lesson has been learned.

The hurricane season is still far from over and, although unlikely, is still possible for another hurricane to hit the city.


I know what the authorities will say: they will say money is the problem.


Since Katrina billions of dollars have been spent on bank bailouts and wars.

I don’t want to discuss the “so called” bailout here, except to say, what good is it the banks getting money if they are not prepared to let it be spent where it is needed, in the protection of people and their property?

Now, as for the wars.

They are supposed to be for the security of the United States but the United States are made up of citizens, who live in houses, without first protecting them, how are you protecting the whole?

Billions have supposedly been spent on Homeland Security.

It is the security of THEIR home that people need.

What's Next?

After Katrina, the bankers who also own the insurance companies would have put up the costs of insurance in the New Orleans area. Now of course, after Isaac, they shall do it again.

What they will not do though, is give the Government a break from paying back interest on the bank notes they printed for them, to release money for better building policies. Instead, they will complain that “purported” insurance payouts have left them short on cash. They will lobby the politicians to give them another “bailout” so they can have cash for lending out to those who were uninsured. Of course, in order for the Government to give the bankers more cash, they will have to ask the same bankers to print and loan it to them, at interest.

What should happen is that in cases of natural disasters, the bankers should print and give the Government money, free of interest and let the Government use that cash to help those in need.

But what of the insurance companies you may ask?

Look at all the big buildings around the country. Most are either owned by the insurance companies or at least by the owners of the insurance companies. I bet they were built to withstand more than a category 2 hurricane.

In an election year the candidates should know that the citizens are getting tired of having their brave young men risking their lives in foreign countries because of peeing contests between oil giants for the control of assets. Then coming home to find their homes destroyed because the cost of their travel prohibited the funds available to build a weather worthy house at home.

Before politicians send young men to defend big company interests, at least give the young men the opportunity to build something of their own, which is worth their price of defending.


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