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Hurricane Isaac and the Republican Convention

Updated on August 26, 2012

Tropical Storm at Key West

From Earlier Hurricane
From Earlier Hurricane | Source


Tropical Storm Isaac is blowing through Key West and is expected to be hurricane strength by the time it reaches the Gulf coast.

All the news though is not too concerned about the residents of the Keys or the rest of Florida, the news is all about Tampa and how the storm may affect the Republican convention due to be held there this week, why?

At most, the only affect it will have on the convention is that a few of the delegates may get a little wet. It will have absolutely no other effect, why?

The reason being because everything to be discussed or determined at the convention is pointless anyway, things of any real importance have already been decided and put in place.

The convention itself is just a smoke screen, an act of appeasement. The convention is just a way of trying to display a semblance of democracy.


The New World Order, an organization of top international bankers and industrialists, who continue to rule our lives through power, created by debt, mis-information, corruption and wars have already decided and put into place any decisions that are supposedly to take form at the convention.

By using their control of the media and out financing any credible opponents to their own chosen candidate, they have ensured who will run for the Presidency. Don’t worry, they did the same with the Democrats and so they can assure themselves that who ever is elected President will merely be a puppet to the N.W.O.

This group, believed to be led by the Rothschild family, has worked tirelessly over the last centuries to acquire their families to eventually emerge as the un-challenged leaders of the World. They do this by owning the Federal Reserve, Central Banks and control of all the international financial institutes, such as the IMF, World Bank and others. By having countries in their debt, they effectively control that country.

To expand their field of control to countries that are not indebted to them, they use their ownership of the media to create “demons” in the countries not owned by them. This, in turn leads to war where both sides will need to borrow from them, meaning one side will be more indebted to them and the other side will start to become indebted to them.

Their main tools in this undertaking are the United States and NATO, displayed openly by the massive debts now owed by the US and Europe.


So, it would appear that the only thing that this group cannot control is the natural elements and they must be a little upset that a hurricane can take away some of the attention from their charade of a convention.

Still, they are adaptable and are using their ownership of the media, to use the storm to bring even more attention to Tampa and their orchestrated show of “so called” democracy.

So has the World stopped?

Is there no other news other than the storm and the convention?

Of course there is but the media do not want you to know or pay attention to it.

They have a monopoly on what you see and hear and so they want to limit you to their own theatrical work.

So the only real effect that the Hurricane Isaac may have on the convention is that the reporting of the storm may bring the attention of more of us to the fact that the Republican Convention is taking place in Tampa this week, another success for the seemingly unstoppable N.W.O.


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    • justgrace1776 profile image

      justgrace1776 5 years ago

      Voted up and useful...the mass media is definitely controlled and oh so motivated to report the first bite of what they are fed and used for instead of elaborating on the tidbits they feed us, the REAL news. Just think how this country could change its direction if the media stopped with all the "potential" "possible" events that "might" happen, along with the CONVENTION and the HURRICANE.