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Hybred Electric Cars ,All Electric Cars or Flex Fuel cars

Updated on August 7, 2009

Which mode of Transportation will win out.

Many Comments have been made about the increased use of Hybed and All Electric cars

Demand for electricity will go up with the increase in the production of all electric cars .That's why we are scrambing to create more earth friendly energy like wind solar and water based energy.

I agree that N.A.F.T.A. was designed to America's disadvantage nothing is free or everything is free there is no doubt that if everything is free then no one needs MONEY,

Could that be the message that world leaders are trying to tell us?

Do they want us to be dependent?

As we move away from the production of the internal combustion engine the cost of producing them wil increase proportionately ,just as the increase of the production of the all Electric car will decrease it's cost of production.But what about the energy we need to run all those Electrically powered cars?.

When J.D. Rockerfeller discovered that gasoline which was, a byproduct of the oil refining process could be used as a fuel for the internal combustion engine instead of being disposed of by dumping it in the river as he had done he regularly,he decided to compete with ethanol as a fuel for cars and trucks.

He had to compete with ethanol as a fuel because ethanol was in use as a fuel for street lighting as well as home use .Farmers made money selling it to city dwellers for their automobiles as well as for lighting their homes and streets.

Rockerfeller saw the potential for gasoline as a fuel and "money was his motive" not the best interests of the people.

"Ethanol was Rockerfeller's economic enemy" ,so he enlisted a womens evangellical Babtist temperance movement to campaign against the producton of Alcohol for "any" use whatsoever including for use as a fuel .

It obviously happened as history can attest .The reason it became a law was multi-faceted.

First Rockerfeller paid this women's temperance movement to lobby congress and the American people as well, to ban Alcohol for at least two reasons, three if you include MONEY which is the major reason,subservient to the other two,which are drunkeness and immorality being the other two

We can plainly see that MONEY seems to be,the be all and end all of many of our political leaders as well as many of our industrial leaders.Technology takes second place,and our health takes third place.Technology can be witheld for profit,as well as advanced for profit.It's usually witheld by the military for "National security" reasons,or so they say.Water could have replaced gasoline as a fuel in the 1940's when G.H. Garrett from Dallas Texas invented a system for running a car engine on hydrogen from water in 1938 by using what was called an Electrolytic carberator that split water up into hydrogen and oxygen and used it as the only fuel to run the engine.To produce enough electricity to do this he added an additional generator to the engine.What ever happened to his invention?

Then there is the death of a recent inventor by the name of Stan Mayer who came up with a different method to produce hydrogen and oxygen from water as well as many other of his followers who are constanly trying to do the same thing.Even a man by the name of John Dingel from the philipines has used the older system of spliting water into hydrogen and oxygen for use in an automobile engine.,but when he tried to get the president of the Philipines to manufacture the devices ,he was told that because of an agreement their country signed to be able to get loans through the monetary fund they could not compete with oil as a fuel.

Oil is tied to the dollar and in order to keep the dollar from falling oil prices had to remain high.

In the first half of the the last century the use of ethanol as a fuel for the internal combustion engine was superior to gasoline in every way.First ethanol is an earth friendly fuel non polluting energy efficient.fuel.Claims that it costs more energy to produce than it gives out is spurious at best and dishonest to say the least.Those who would try to get you to believe otherwise are only interested in MONEY and not even honest money.They know that the truth is their enemy and they don't care for the truth.

If you don't believe me google "alcohol can be a gas" or go to utube and search for "Alcohol as a fuel"

Alcohol burns absolutely clean and gasoline always leaves carbon deposits in the engine which reduces the engines life and requires frequent oil changes and pollutes the air.

An alcohol based engine can be smaller and lighter as well as more powerful per square inch than a gasoline based engine.

We produce an engine designed exclusively to run on ethanol for south America where they drive only ethanol based engines.

The only reason Alcohol is less fuel efficient in a gasoline based engine is because it was designed for gasoline instead of ethanol.

When ethanol was originally used in the first ethanol based engines it was more efficient.

Gasoline could be used in conjunction with ethanol because the engine had an adjustable carborator which could correct for different mixtures of ethanol and gasoline seeing as both were in use at the same time at one point.Although ethanol was the fuel of choice for its clean burning and non fouling of the spark plugs and lack of knocking if used exclusively.Mixing of the two fuels worked fine so long as ethanol was the major part of the mixture.

Pure gasoline powered engines needed an additive that was" lead" based to improve the performance of an all gasoline powered engine.

Ethanol is now used for the same reason -to improve the performance as well as for the pollution control qualities of ethanol when added to gasoline.

Isn't it interesting, that Ethanol was used before gasoline and after Ethanol was phased out as a result of Rockerfeller's manipulation of both, well meaning women who were trying to reduce or eliminate the use of Alcohol as a drink because of drunkiness and congress in order to eliminate his competition it, is found that pure gasoline in inferior to Ethanol as a fuel and was fouling sparkplugs as well as the atmosphere and causing numerous repair costs associated with gasoline such as overheating oil changes required.more often and sparkplug changes and poor performance.

Now we have flex-fuel vehicles ,but for how long? As gasoline gets phased out and all electric gets phased in the cost of gasoline should either stay the same or go down depending on the supply and demand -- munipulation of the commodity not withstanding .

Electrically powered vehicles will tend to increase the demand for electricity,so unless we can keep up with that demand the cost of electricity will go up.

Our best bet is to keep building both until such time gasoline and or alternative to gasoline become more expensive than all electric.However their is a third possiibility.

A fuel- cell based electric vehicle that is practical which has still to be determined.


Fuel of the Future

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    • someonewhoknows profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      America probably has enough oil in the ground to keep it viable as a fuel source for another fourty years maybe.After that we will have to use alternatives without question.

    • jiberish profile image


      9 years ago from florida

      Very interesting Hub. I'm one of the 'drill here, drill now' fans while we research alternative sources.

    • someonewhoknows profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Personally I think we should explore more than one fuel source just to have alternatives available and the competition is good for the consumer.

    • rb11 profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      I think you touched on it, a show I saw months ago when gas was over $4.00 a gallon, it was about Brazil. They have been using ethanol for years and had the infrastructure in place. The high oil prices had little affect on there economy at the time. I have also heard the stories of he oil companies buying the patents from high mileage inventors and burying them.


    • dusanotes profile image


      9 years ago from Windermere, FL

      This is an amazing blog. Way to go Apersonwhoshouldknow. You have done a lot of researching to do an article like this. Congrats. Keep up the good work. Don White


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